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FSIL is preggers!

So we just found out my FSIL is pregnant and is due about 2 1/2 weeks before my wedding and she's a bridesmaid....she asked us if we want her to still be in the wedding and of course we do. We are about to order her dress, not sure if we can order a maternity dress in the same style, or should we just go a few sizes up. I don't like the idea of her getting a different color or style, because that's taking away from my MOH.

We're also worried about her health situation, obviously everyone's pregnancy is different, but honestly who is ready to be standing up in a full Catholic ceremony, the entire day with a smile on their face only a few weeks after giving birth????


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Re: FSIL is preggers!

  • Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    Ask at the store where you are ordering your dresses from.  I'm sure they have experience with pregnant BMs.  However, it would be nice of you to let her pick her own style of dress.  I think everyone will understand that she just had a baby, not that she is trying to steal your MOH's thunder.  

    And it's really up to her to decide whether or not she is up to standing up in your wedding still.  Standing up for a Catholic mass only lasts an hour, and most Catholic churches have the WP sit in the front pew, not stand the whole time because of the length.  

    Help her find a dress, let the shop help pick the size to order, and if she decides last minute that she can't stand up, it's really no big deal.  
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  • cutypy0516cutypy0516 member
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    It's a good thing you found out before she ordered her dress.  Many bridesmaid designers now offer maternity dresses.  With the grecian style being so popular right no, I would think a dress like that could easily convert to maternity.  So if maternity isn't available, look for a dress from that designer that has an empire waist or a lot of fullness.  One of my friends found out after she ordered the dress, so she ordered extra fabric and had a maternity gusset added into the front of her dress and she looked adorable in the wedding she stood up in.
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    I personally am surprised she wants to stand up but anyways

    you should be able to find a dress that comes in both regular in maternity it will probably take a little more effort but im pretty sure they make them, if not, maybe she could get a bigger size and have it altered or something

    also, when i got married only my sister(my moh) stood the whole time, the rest of my bridesmaids were seated in the first pew, im pretty sure this is standard for catholic weddings, check with your priest, if not he might let you do it that way considering so she doesnt have to stand the whole time

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    My BM just found out she is pregnant and she is due 3 weeks before the wedding.  I am going to ask the consultant at the dress shop for advice but she did pick out a grecian style dress.   I've also expressed my understanding of the situation.  If she decides at the last minute that it may not be a good idea,  it is ok. 
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