Rehearsal Dinner Locations?

FI and I are hosting a rather large rehearsal dinner...assuming everyone we invite comes...we're looking at about 85-90 people.  Surprised  I have always been invited to my cousin's rehearsal dinners so I would feel so awful if I couldn't accomodate them at my own.

Any recommendations on where to host it?  Preferably on the north side in Carmel area.  We looked at Maggianos and love it...but are just worried about the price tag.  I'd love to have some more inexpensive options to give to the fils!

PS:  hosting it at my house or any relatives house in the area isn't an option...our houses are all too small to accomodate that many people!
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner Locations?

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    Yes, the FILS have agreed to pay for the RD!  I just want to give them a wide variety of options price wise!

    Good idea on the hotel rooms :)  FI and I are going to be doing that in a month or two (we aren't getting married til 9/3/11)
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    Euphoria, downtown on the canal, is a great place with a great view for a rehearsal dinner of that size! 
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    I don't know if there is one up on that side of town but we are having our at Buca Di Bepos, it is Italian like Maggianos. It is very good, and family style, they have packages for rehearsal dinners, but we are just going and ordering several large orders and some small orders (turned out to be cheaper than paying per person)
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