Welcome! I just saw your new post on the MT Bride check in thread. You have plenty of time to plan so kudos :)

If you have any questions ask away, My wedding is in 25 days so I've gotten everything ironed out finally! This board is slow but helpful!

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    Ah, thank you so much for the welcome.

    I'm still in the very beginning stages of planning. So I'm pretty much just looking around for ideas. But I'm very excited. :)
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    Great! You have lots of time so just pace yourself and dont stress too much, one thing at a time :)

    You've set your date so your budget and venue are the next things to figure out. Everything else can come after. If you have any questions or want advice let me know I've toured through a LOT of the venue's in billings when I first started scouting so I know many of them. The bridal fairs are usually in January & February..there were 3 of them this year those are really fun to go to.
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