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Bridal Shower Attire

Has anyone been thinking about this yet???
My shower is February 17. In CT its cold in February! I bought this dress this past week (ae was having a good sale) but am soooo unsure. I bought it to wear it with black tights, but I don't know if I like the look of it with black tights and might return it now. (P.S. its not as short as it looks in the picture, and I am also 5'0", so it is a tad longer on me) My mom loves it, but is also unsure about the tights. The top is a sheer overlay with sequins and beading, that I love and the color is a dark grey. I thought about wearing a cream color, but couldnt seem to find anything. The more fitted dresses look better on me then the flowy ones.

with these shoes and maybe black tights
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Re: Bridal Shower Attire

  • Very pretty dress! I'm assuming it's going to be somewhere indoors, maybe you don't need to wear tights if it's warm enough inside. Or maybe a nice pair of dress boots with it? or perhaps a pair of sheer stockings if the black tights look to heavy?

     The dress i have is strapless and short and I was thinking of wearing a cardigan over it for my shower on March 9. I'm hoping the weather is warm like last year!

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  • I agree with the boots.  Some black boots would look super cute and keep you warmer if you're in a drafty room.  This is coming from a girl that wears combat boots to work and would probably fall on my face if I wore those heels ;-)  Either way, I think it would look super cute with either pair of shoes and the tights.  

    I have no clue what I'm going to wear but probably a light colored dress.  Maybe light blue to go with my colors :-)

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  • I"m so nervous because my shower is going to be a surprise so I have no idea when to wear whatever outfit I decide to wear for my shower.  I would hate to show up in sweatpants!!!
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  • I like that dress, and I would definitely wear tights with it.
  • I really like that dress!

    When you say black tights, do you mean 100% cannot see your legs, or black sheer ones? I love wearing tights, especially the crazy patterend ones so I think you could definitely pull off tights with that dress, you just need to find the right pair!

    I think you could pull it off with a sheer black tight, even with a pattern - but not too crazy because it would take away from the sequin top.


    I found my shower dress before I picked out my bridal gown lol. I was at a store earlier this year just browsing and I saw a white lace dress, tried it on and fell in love! Now I just need to find shoes to wear with it :)
  • Thanks everyone! I really like this dress and am going to try to make it work!

    Vk-I bought "opaque" black tights, and you really can't see any of my leg.... I was thinking about wearing a pair of patterned tights as well, and might try this out!
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