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And this guy wonders why he doesn't have a girlfriend...

My fiance was informed that he "doesn't have to listen to my opinion because I'm a woman and my opinion therefore does not matter" by his roommate. Said roomate also refuses to watch/read The Hunger Games because the main character is a girl, and one who has some power. And this guy seriously wonders why he is single. People kill me lol

Re: And this guy wonders why he doesn't have a girlfriend...

  • hahahaha oh my
    i have a guy who is really ignorant in my class too
    he stated "well women always work server jobs all the time because they want to"

    and when we were talking about the way women are portrayed in the media he said
    "well those women have to accept those jobs to model half naked so its their fault"
  • My four roommates are kind of like this. But I've established otherwise by getting them to think they are wrong. But they didn't have near as serious cases of idiotitis that your fiance's roommate might have. He could be trolling too, but probably not. I'd definitely make fun of him for it, but that's just my personality. 
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