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Finally created my BIO

Let me know what you think thus far! The link should be in my signature but just in case, here's the link.

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Re: Finally created my BIO

  • Looks good! I LOVE your shoes! They are sooo cute! I wish I could pull of shoes like that but I'm afriad I'd fall halfway downt he isle since I'll be on grass (doesnt help that I'm super clumsy to start with lol).
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  • Cool bio! I am doing similar centerpieces and will do a piece of damask paper around the bottom of the vase and an electric tea light in there with a crystal hanging down the center and the pomander on top. So you could do both! :)
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  • Looks Great!!!
  • Looks wonderful. I am very impressed how much you've arleady accomplished!

    I feel so behind you but that's probably because I have only been engaged since March 4, 2011.
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  • Thanks Ladies, I have always been big on crafting so I am anxious to try new things all the time, I can't wait to see all my projects come together here.

    Sassygirl, I am such a klutz! Although I tend to hurt myself when wearing flats or sneakers more so. I am thinking about buying some ballet flats for dancing after.

    Sosie, Fi keeps trying to get me to get real roses for the pomanders, but I just cant even begin to wrap my head around the idea of what that would cost! And he's the one that was so bent on "we cant go over budget, it's one day!" So this is why I keep trying new things with it, he makes me unsure!

    Tara, I am a pretty organized person in general so the ideas come and I stress I wont have time to do it if I dont do it yesterday!

    I have had a few nightmares already that it's the day of the wedding and I'm going to pick my dress up (why on earth would I wait till day of) and my dress is missing.

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