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African American Weddings

Greeks and Hymms at Wedding

Any AKA's or other sorority members doing the hymm at their weddings?

Re: Greeks and Hymms at Wedding

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    I originally said i did not want the DST sweetheart song done...no particular reason, I just didn't. The babe is not greek & I can see his family looking like, WTH??!!?? LOL...

    But my linesisters have over ruled me & said if they have to drag me out the bathroom kicking, the song will be sung. They are being such great sports about everything else, I relented & so I will be serenaded...
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    Hey soror! I can't wait to sing the hymn at my wedding. We were even talkig about doing the pretty girl stroll!!! Laughing
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    Absolutely, yes.  The DST Sweetheart song will be sung as well as the Kappa Sweetheart Song (of course, FI is a Nupe).  My chapter sorors did have to talk me into doing a stroll with them and since my MOH and one of my BM are my sorors, I decided it would be okay as long as it was something simple enough for some of my more seasoned sorors to do.

    My younger brother and I are the only people on both sides of our family in BGLO (baby bro is an Alpha).  But, about half of our guests will be either Deltas or Kappas.  So, while some of our guests may be clueless about these traditions, the MC will provide a brief explanation so that folks don't feel completely left out.
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    Yep... We're having a Blue & White wedding through and through... Zetas and Sigmas will be signing and strollin' Laughing

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    I guess I am in the minority here. LOL! No, we will NOT be doing any strolling, singing, chanting, serenading, or anything of the sort. I have loved Z Phi B since it first loved me but it's just not what I want to do at the reception.
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    I love SGRHO and all my sorors of the royal blue and gold and yes, we will do the hymn at the reception! 
    BTW- nice to see everyone represented on the Knot!! 

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    Hey Sorors (*waving @ Poppyaka & Tameric) and other sistergreeks on this board!!

    We will be doing both hymns. FI is an Alpha. We both enjoy seeing it @ greek weddings so that was one thing we both wanted at our reception.

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    I have had to talk my fiance out of Plum and Cranberry for our colors and am currently trying to explain to him that neither Plum and Gold nor Red and Ivory fit my vision for our day. Although I know he will live with my decision on our colors, I know he is looking forward to serenading me with his fraternity brothers and honestly, I know that I will enjoy having my Sorors sing the Sweetheart Song to me.

    The hymns are the least of my worries...I'm trying to figure out how to prep my guests for how to survive "The Atomic Dog" by George Clinton...lol.

    Ditto Rhoyal_1...I'm happy to see all this D9 representation as well.
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    I can't WAIT to sing the AKA hymn with my sorors at my reception.  We will also "Set It Off" (undergrad signature stroll) and stroll to "Scarred" (a Texas tradition).  I will however, have to make sure the DJ CLEARS THE FLOOR before playing Atomic Dog!  LOL!  My fiance and Da Bruhs are ready to set it OWT!
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