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I have found a few venues that would require a tent rental. Before I go calling all of them I thought I'd check with you. About how much does that cost? This would be for a tent big enough for 150 guests. I would need lighting some tables and chairs...some would be provided for us. Which rental company do you think has the best rates and or reputation?

sorry lots of questions but any info at all would be helpful, I did look at a few websites, but when it came to the tents they said to call for more info...

thanks so much

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    Well, it's safe to say the reason they say call for more info because they are quite expensive. We are going with a tent reception at a private residence for our wedding in September. We rented a frame tent (it's a little more expensive than a pole tent but doesn't have poles down the middle), tables and chairs for 175 people. We got some lighting but not much because I've bought a ton of paper lanterns. We're renting this all from Are You Ready to Party in Waterville and it's just under $3,500. Just the tent I believe is around $2,000. I think we might have gone with one size too big on the tent also just to be safe that we have enough room. I'm not sure what area you're looking in but I called everyone in central Maine from Lewiston up to Bangor and they were the best prices.

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    We're going with Taylor Rentals in Brunswick.  I know that our tent is big enough for 200 (I'm not sure the type because our caterer is dealing with that) and it's going to be around $1000.  In addition to the reception tent, you'll also want to keep in mind that you may need a smaller tent for the caterer. 
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    thanks guys! that was helpful.
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