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Gay glass breaking

Hi all -- we're two Jewish grooms getting married in September and we've been struggling with this basic question that I'd love your input on.  Do we get two glasses to break or find one really long one?  We both want to stomp and I know the best kept secret is that light bulbs are often used instead ... but where on earth would we find a long, fragile glass to break if we go with one?  Thanks!

Re: Gay glass breaking

  • reebsreebsreebsreebs
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    You each get one. You don't want to stop on eachothers toes. We are an egalitarian hetero couple, so we each stomped a glass, it works in heels!!
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    I like the idea of you both getting them.  Though I don't know if you want to use a light bulb (our officiant said it doesn't actually work better).
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  • 2dBride2dBride
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    As a lesbian couple who attempted to have both of us stomp on the same glass, we can tell you it doesn't work well, particularly if you are using a ceremonial breaking glass instead of a light bulb.  You really need a short, sudden stomp to break the glass, which is pretty much impossible if you are attempting to do it in sync.  We were doing everything up to and including standing on the glass with no success, before NotFroofy finally finished the job on her own.
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    I imagine a lightbulb WOULD be easier to break than a regular wine glass. Dad says it's actually an old-fashioned photographer's flash bulb, which makes a great popping sound when smashed. Our officiant is also a professional photographer, so I wasn't worried about where to get one.

    Thanks, everyone, for the warning about how hard it would be to break a regular wine glass. I figured we could always use that if we forgot about the light bulb.
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    We did a practice glass to see how it worked, and to see if we could break it together.  We bought a wineglass at Pier 1.  We wanted a blue one and found what we were looking for there.  We did see a very long Champaign glass/flute (it was clear) there, I don't see it online, but it was in the store.  I will say that the bulb part of the glass was easier to break than the stem, but we successfully broke both ends.  Another option would be to wrap the glasses next to each other so it seems like one long glass and then use the shards from both if you want to keep them/create something.
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    We used a light bulb (I took one of the bulbs from our house that I wanted to replace with a compact fluorescent anyway), and it made a nice noise and was easy to break.  I would definitely have one for each person that was going to stomp.  Mazal tov!

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    My husband broke one of the glasses that we bought at our local Judaica store. It made a nice sound and broke easily.
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    We're using a glass we bought at an online Judaica store to put in a mezzuzah.

    If it were me, I would say get two complimentary color glasses and then mix them inside a mezzuzah case.
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