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WL Wednesday!! Haha thought it was Thurs!

How are u ladies doing with your weight loss?

Re: WL Wednesday!! Haha thought it was Thurs!

  • I am excited about this month, FI and I started a 24-day challenge on Monday and I am super pumped about how it's going to go. We have had friends who have done it with phenominal results and I can't wait to see how we look at the end of this month : )

    I am eating much better than I have in a long time, and keeping a great schedule. FI and I even started running again this week, which we haven't done together in such a long time!
  • Still got this cough from bronchitis! 

    I'm really hoping to restart 17 day diet next week, and HOPEFULLY FI get the job he's interviewing for tomorrow so I can start back the gym.  Right now he startes work at 4pm, I get off at 430... so if I don't stop by and see him, I don't see him AT ALL.  New job should be days... and I can see him after gym!

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  • Starting Jillian Michael's 30 day shred today.  Haven't made it to the gym lately, but luckily I've been so busy with work that I've had no time to eat, so it kind of balances out-lol.  I'll let you guys know my progress next week.  I go by inches, not lbs ; )
  • I have started to lose weight steadily the last couple of weeks and I have been so happy!!!
    And i have been very proud of FI too he has been doing amazing with his weight loss, too.

    Then the other night I ran 2 miles in 23 minutes.  I was so happy with myself and could have run longer but it was almost 9 oclock and really dark on the track. 
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  • being in a cast is driving me nuts... I have plateaued
    at least I have lost 16 lbs since last oct... but seems like I am staying here...

    I see the ortho surgeon on the 22nd and see if I get this cast off! been on since the end of june GRR
  • I wish it was Thursday! No such luck! I've been trying to maintain lately so my dress doesn't need major alterations, but I'm still losing about half a pound per week, so that's nice! Next week I'm on vacation and I actually bought a bikini for the occasion. I haven't worn a bikini since college! My goal is to not gain back a whole bunch of weight during the vacation...tall order, considering how much junk food and alcohol will be around to tempt me. Then after I get back, it's back on the wagon for the final push before the wedding!
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  • I am so happy, I fit into my dress perfectly at my fitting on Friday, and when it came in it was too small. I'm down about 10 pounds from the 144 I've been at for the past three or four years and I even got to pull out some of my old size 8 pants :)  With me dress being a corset back I can still lose a little more weight before the wedding without by dress looking too big so I'm not really planning on changing my habits at all.
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  • I'm very confused about my WL progress. I mean I have not lost a SINGLE pound! Its like no matter how I change my diet or how much I exercise nothing is budging and its upsetting me very much! I'm not really sure what to do. And no I haven't lost inches either because my pants still fit the same. I mean I'm getting down to the wire here and my dress is too small. It just makes me want to cry because I have been working SO hard! I cut out all sugary drinks and have been drinking tons of water! Also eating more fruits and veggies..less carbs and tracking my calories and staying at the recommended 1200. And NO fast food or eating out like EVER!
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  • I have been hovering on week 5 of C25K because of me knees and not wanting to run without the walking. BUT I finally ran 20 mins straight! So on to week 6 for me :) Dress just fit so I better not gain any!
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