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Bridal party gifts!

What are you girls getting the bridal party?! I was thinking of getting them their day of getting ready outfits. I'm leaning towards a sweat suit from Victorias Secret. 
For our parents we are doing spa certificates. For all their hard work,and  patience!
 I have no clue for the guys. FI has plenty of pocket knives and beer mugs from weddings he's been in, so we know we aren't going that route. 
I'd love to hear your ideas!
Thanks! Happy Thursday!!

Re: Bridal party gifts!

  • MOH/BM: folding hand fan, travel size body spray of their favorite scent, scented candle, hair band in a color of their choice all in a sling bag of their favorite color

    BeM/GM: metal water bottle (they all like to go out and hunt/camp together), and a bag (he still hasn't figured it all out)

    Parents: Date night certificates (dinner/movie) since neither of our parents go out much but like to

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  • I'm getting my bridal party a bunch of different things, but a majority of them are things for the day. Technically they can use them again, but I don't want to consider it a gift in that sense. 
    -Snow boots
    -A "knot" bracelet--to thank them for helping me "tie the knot"! :)

    I have to figure out parent gifts...my groom already has his groomsmens gifts ordered (wallets for his guys, a classic engraved watch for his best man). I'm getting my groom a pretty big present but its what he's been dying for: a new big flat screen tv :)

  • Hmmm, not sure yet.  My MoH and I went shoe shopping the other day, and she wanted to check out the Lush store at the mall and pined over a lot of things, I made mental notes for future shower/b-party host gifts.  Not sure the rest of my friends would appreciate that kind of stuff, though.  FI is determined to get his guys knives or something else with a blade; he's into that sort of thing.
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  • I love the knot bracelet idea for the girls, super cute. I will let FI know about the wallet idea. I love lush! 
  • I got my bridesmaids a cute little makeup bag with their names on it filled with things they may need on the wedding day. I included a card that says:

    Bridesmaid Survival Kit
    This survival kite was made just to say
    I'm thrilled you're beside me on my wedding day!
    There's chocolate to give you that sugar high
    and a packet of tissues in case you should cry.
    Lip gloss to frame your beautiful smile
    If a nail should break i have included a file
    there is shout is you should spill on your dress
    and lifesavers to keep your breath inty fresh.
    There's Tylenol if it's ill that you feel
    and a Baid-Aid to help you tackle high hees.
    I've put everything in this handy pack
    so you'll know that this bride has got your back!
    This kit was created so that you can see
    how much you mean to the bride-to-be!

    I am also buying their jewelry for the wedding and paying for them to get there hair done the day of.

    The maid of honor is getting the same thing as everybody else but I also bought her an engraved heart necklace from Tiffany and Co.

    The groomsmen are getting kind of like a beer mug but they are LSU colors and they light up. Groom picked them out and they are nice and his groomsmen will probably use them.

    I think we are getting our moms a necklace but we haven't starting looking for that yet and I am getting my dad tickets to a concert. We have no idea for fiances dad yet or the best man. I guess I need to get on the rest of them soon.

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  • I got my BM's robes for the day of.  They are all in purple robes and I ordered myself a white one for when we are getting ready.  I will make them customised hangers to for the dresses.

    No idea what we are doing for everyone else just yet though.
  • I got all my Bridesmaids each a really cute cosmetic bag, Im making them all scrapbooks with pictures of me and them and I also want to get them either a piece of jewlery to wear for the wedding or maybe a personalized wine glass. I will add something extra for my 1 maid of honors. And I got really cute "bridesmaid" bags to put everything in. My Fiance said for his groomsmen he will all just get them a bottle of their fav liquor and some cigars lol....guys are so easy!

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