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Dress Shopping! :)

I have my bridal appointment this Saturday and I am sooooo excited!!! Has any one else bought their dress or atleast tried on dresses? What was the experience like?

Re: Dress Shopping! :)

  • I bought my dress back in October from "Brides Against Breast Cancer" so the experience was a lot different than that of a salon. Although I did try dresses on in a salon before going to the fundraiser so I knew what kind I liked. I had this idea in my head of what I wanted but once I got there my MOH and mother and grandmother started pulling dresses I would never wear and of course I humored them-- but the one I ended up choosing was NOTHING like what I thought I wanted but I knew it was the one because it made me feel beautiful! I didn't have a SYTTD moment and cry--but I knew it was the one when I didn't want to take it off and when I tried other dresses I kept comparing them to my dress.
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  • I bought mine in March at a trunk show! I LOVE it!!

    My best advice: get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast, stay hydrated, bring your camera, snacks, under garmets, etc. 

    Don't bring too many people and TRY ON EVERYTHING! Keep an open mind and try to really decide what you think about the dress before showing everyone.

    If you find "the one" you may cry, you may not. If you can envision yourself wearing the dress down the aisle and loving it, you've found it!

    I went to 3 dress salons and each experience was different. I wanted great customer service and found it a local boutique. I had so much fun!

    Have a blast!

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  • I actually bought my dress months ago. Wasn't really planning on buying one at the time considering I was 6 months pregnant. I had brought my sisters to try on bridesmaid dresses bc their money situation isn't always the best so they would have plenty of time to save for the dresses they decided on (letting them wear whatever style they choose as long as its silver and long). They talked me into trying on dresses and I fell in LOVE. It was actually a dress that I would have never ever considered for myself but my FH said it was his favorite out of the DB catalog so I figured what the heck. I totally felt like a bride, my sisters told me to quit trying on dresses bc it was THE one, and I had complete strangers walking up to tell me how beautiful I looked in it.  I went ahead and bought it because the consultant tipped me off that it was getting ready to be clearanced out, but at the currenct sales price of $399 (awesome, right???). Just keep an open mind and your dress might just be the one you least expect.
  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's already bought my dress! I got mine in October, it was totally accidental, we went to a salon to look at bridesmaids' dresses and started looking at the actual wedding dresses. The store had a bride cancel her appointment, so they asked if I wanted to try any on. I tried on two, the first was perfect, exact fit, style, etc, that I knew I had wanted, and on clearance in just the right size (I, aparently, am the sample size at this salon). So, I disagree about the try on everything that a pp says, but that's also just something I've never done (prom dresses, all major event dresses have been the first thing I tried on, even if I try on dozens of things). 
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  • I bought mine a few weeks ago!  I went once with an entourage - mom, aunt, FMIL and FSIL.  Nobody could agree on what looked good on me, and to make matters worse, FMIL didn't listen to anything that I liked or wanted.  She went out and picked dresses for me to try on that she likes, which were exactly ones that I didn't like!

    So I ended up going again a few days later with my fiance.  He gave me his feedback and told me what he thought looked good.  Then when the consultant and I felt like we were close to figuring out which one was "the one", we asked him to step out.

    I know it's a little unconventional, but it worked out perfectly for us - the dres I ended up buying was the one that he picked out for me!  It was exactly what I was looking for.
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