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10K against 14K?

I think I've found a wrap band to go with my 3 stone engagement ring (finally), but it's 10K, and my engagement ring is 14K. I discovered this after leaving the jeweler so I didn't get to ask if it's a problem to wear different carats against each other. Online resources simply say "if you have an (X)KT engagement ring, you'll want a matching KT wedding band". Anyone know why I couldn't wear a 10KT band with a 14KT engagement ring?

Re: 10K against 14K?

  • the only reason i can think of (purely opinoin/idea, not researched) is that the metals are different strengths, and one might scratch easier than the other.
  • I used to work for a jewelry store and succesfully completed training with DCA and here is my advice. 10 k gold contain less gold which makes it more durable. There is no way one can scratch the other. If you have diamonds on the side of your setting they may scratch gold and other diamonds. There may or may not be color difference, it depends on manufacture's "recipe". My engagement ring is 14k white gold (relatively soft) and my wedding band is platinum (very dense and durable). I have no problem mixing metals, but it's just me. You have to make decision on your own.
  • Thank you ojx4822, you just helped me make that final decision! I'm going with the 10K wrap!
  • You are very welcome :) best of luck with your wedding.
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