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US nuns and the Vatican

I've been following the story about the issues between the vatican and the US nuns group (LCWR) pretty closely. As someone who was educated by nuns for most of my life, I find myself taking their side. However, I am fully aware that I'm only reading mainstream responses to the discussion. I eventually found the very wordy official document from the Vatican, but still found it pretty vague and hard to digest. Could anyone here point me to Catholic responses to all this, or generally more information aside from mainstream news outlets? 

I tried Googling but keep coming up with the same stories. I thought, if anyone, the ladies on this board might have more info. 

Re: US nuns and the Vatican

  • Many communities of sisters teach things publicly that are blatantly against Catholic teaching. Some entertain ideas of women priesthood, gay marriage, contraception, abortion, etc. The vatican is doing the right thing in making sure that people who say they are catholic, are actually representing catholicism. It is scandalous and leads people to sin when people who are supposed to represent catholicism lead people astray, or affirm sinful and harmful behavior.
  • That's great that you are trying to find different viewpoints than just the MSM's! 

    I read this awhile ago-

    And my favorite blogger, Fr. Z,  regularly offers commentary on the events as they're happening. You can look through his archives on the subject here, you might enjoy it all, or you might have to do some digging to find facts rather than just commentary:
    (note, if you're not familiar with him, he does employ a bit of sarcasm!)
  • I think the basic idea is that they do in deed do a lot of wonderful things for many causes, however some have spread information that goes against the Church's teachings. As they are a religious order, they should be presenting and supporting Church teachings at all times. We shouldn't discredit the good work they do, but they need to correct those within the order that are misrepresnting the faith. Here was one article I read on it - hope it helps!

  • wow, Riss, great article. I hadn't seen that before. Thanks for sharing it!
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    I posted about the "Nuns of the Bus" last month on here.

    On Sunday, I jokingly asked my pastor if he wanted on of my 'I SUPPORT THE NUNS" bumper stickers and he laughed.  I asked if he had any opinion on this and he said that there was not enough available to him yet to form a firm opinion.  He claims that he argues daily, just for form sake, with the head of their school who is SND so he would give the bumper sticker to her :)

    There is no really objective, cut and dried answer right now but I think we'll be learning more in the next two months. So if he advises learning more as the matter progresses, I guess I just wait and do just that.
  • I've found some good articles by John Allen, Deacon Greg Kandra, Elizabeth Scalia and Joan McPortland that offer a well-balanced Catholic perspective on the situation...  

    From personal friendships with women who are sisters in both an LCWR-affiliated order and in a CMWSR-affiliated order, I see the benefits of both groups and the women I know are all faithful to the Church's teachings.  However, I've also met some sisters who openly contradicted Church teachings and were proud of that stance.  Some sisters' dissent from Church teachings is by no means consistent within their order or between different orders... so I'm also at a loss like OOT as to how it will be approached since some of the leaders in LCWR seem to be publicly defying conciliatory efforts from the CDF. 
  • Wow, thanks for all the links. I thought I was going to get email responses to this thread so figured no one had written, but I was wrong! I'm going to read through these over the weekend to get a broader view of the situation. 

    Of course in the end, I'm sure I'll just be waiting and seeing as well.
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