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Do any of you have tips for neat/ pretty outdoor backgrounds downtown?  Obviously, the riverfront is out of the question unless I decide documenting the river drama that's happening during my wedding lol!

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Re: Photo locations downtown

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    On the otherside of the Durham Western Heritage Museum is the old train yard. It is kind of under that viaduct. They have some awesome spots. You just have to be creative. The picture in my signature was taken down there. Also anywhere in Gene Leehy Mall or Heartland of America Park.

    I just Googled "omaha, NE downtown wedding photos" and had some great ideas.


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    [QUOTE]We then went to AmTrack which is on the south side of downtown. Don't remember the exact street but our photographer always goes there. We have the coolest pics of the guys walking the tracks. It is kind of dirty down there but it almost makes your dress pop more. I love those pictures.
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    Yeah that is the old train station with all the old school looks and grafiti around. It looks really cool. Same place as where my pic below was taken.


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