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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Is it normal..?

My wedding was on May 21st, and I can't believe it's already been 25 days! My husband and I are so happy to be married, and are juggling the ongoing task of settling in to our apartment, along with our full-time jobs.
I'm having trouble getting over the fact that our wedding is all over and done with...that one day that I've thought about for years and worked so hard to plan for 7 months. Yes, of course, there's the minor things that didn't go as I would've liked, but everything in all went wonderful. Our ceremony was beautiful, the reception was a blast, but it went by SO fast. The whole day is spent getting ready, and then in a matter of 6 hours or so, it's all over!
Is it ok to feel a little withdrawn, and in a weird way, miss planning those last details for the wedding? Part of me also feels badly that I was stressed and frazzled the day before, and then a few hours before...I usually don't handle stress too well. Looking back, I wish I would've not been nervous and feeling anxious, and that I could just re-live it again (even though I do feel like I really did take in every moment).
Sorry for my ramblings! Just looking for some reassurance, I guess.

Re: Is it normal..?

  • It is def normal,i felt that way for a good 3-4 months after my wedding bc every weekend i was doing something wedding related and then in a flash that was all over.but the feeling def goes away.Ive been Married for 9 months this past Sunday and although i wish i was planning my wedding again i am focused on settling into the house we just bought so we can plan on extending our family soon.Just find things to do to take your mind off of it and then the feeling of missing it will  go away.
  • Yep....Normal....I still have my days about it. I hope it gets better soon! lol
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  • I've heard it's called "wedding blues."  I'm already predicting I'll get it.

    Feel better:)

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  • OMG, it sounds like post partum depression or something!
  • Hey...i felt the same way ( and still do sometimes) and my wedding was March 28th....
    I was actually kind of 'over it' and then we went to a wedding last weekend ( first one since I got married) and the feelings came up again...

    It was such a happy time that I think everyone can feel this way...I think for me since getting a new home is on hold, it is kind of a downer also but hopefully in four or five months it will be different.

    Also...jaypie...I felt the same way about feeling stressed etc the days before.  The nigth before my wedidng I was at TJ Max until 9:30pm looking for a frigin purse to bring on the honeymoon...ridiculous! I should have been home at my mom's sharing our last dinner together as a single girl..I regret that... but we did have a wonderful day and the wedding is not the end all...there will be more wonderful things to come!
  • I'm not married yet but I know I'm going to feel the same way! I find myself still picking up wedding magazines even though the whole wedding is pretty much planned just because I still can! I tell everyone I'm going to need a new hobby after this wedding is over!
  • DH and I live 3000 miles away from our family, most of our friends, and where we had our wedding.  We returned to our "regular" lives only four days ago and I'm still blue.  It doesn't help that the sun has been on hiatus ever since we've returned Cry
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  • I was told to expect a depression from a friend who was married recently and I suspect I'll get it. I guess that's why there are so many wedding planners? I love it so much I'm thinking about planning weddings for people...
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  • Yep, I felt it for a while, mainly because all the sudden I had so much free time!  I found the best thing to do is just find another serious project to get all caught up in!  I started redecorating and take up all my time looking at pics on the internet and going to stores, it has helped a lot!
  • Our Officiant warned me about the "wedding blues" I mean how can you not get sad, it's such an amazing day and most of the months prior to the wedding are filled with wedding planning.

    I know right now I'm in the "NOW WHAT" stage, like I feel just so bored and super sad.. at least with a baby you have the baby to hold.. with a wedding gone you have a lot of space to fill to keep you busy.

    I keep looking at pictures and wishing I could go back and do it all over again.  It was SUCH an amazing day and I was the happiest I've ever been.  It's almost like I'm disappointed I'm not that happy on a daily basis.  I really miss my wedding day, but I'm sure in time I'll get past that.

    (so to answer your question your normal.. completely normal)
  • This is tooo funny...because I always have something that I am planning...and we just went on a cruise in May (where we got engaged)  and I wrote on my Facebook page before we left...I cant believe all the planning is over...what am I going to plan next!!   And everybody but me knew I was getting engaged on the cruise and they said...oh Im sure you'll find something.....  Everyday I find myself either watching Say yes to teh dress...or Bridezilla, or the Platinum Weddings ...just to get ideas...   I already am going to prepare myself for the wedding blues...  Maybe Ill just plan our next 1st year Anniversary trip afterwards!!   lol
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  • i am anticipating this happening so i have started thinking of a side business to start up when the wedding is over. i need more than just my 8 to 8 job to keep me occupied. i have thought of a gift basket or baked good business and have started baking and testing the goodies on my co workers, if all that fails ill start painting walls and working in the yard ha!
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  • Totally normal...I feeling the same way now.  I've been looking at other month club boards wishing it was me again :-(  I'm very excited to be married just kind of sad the planning and the big is are over :(
  • it is pretty normal these days since you devoted so much time and energy to planning such a big thing, and you really have nothing to show for it but some pictures.

    here's an article about "the wedding blues"

  • "weddingsareagirlsbestfriend", i read your "article" which is really a rant. i hope you are not this bitter in all the other areas of your life.

    i got married 3 weeks ago and i do have the post-wedding blues now. i am familiar with the feeling, though, because i used to plan events--conferences and awards dinners for 800 people--and i was very emotionally invested in my work. after every big event i would always be exhausted and feel kind of 'blah' and listless for a few weeks. it is normal to experience that once you have completed an intense project you have been working on for a long time. i for one am just going to rest for a while and spend time with friends before i can gather the energy to throw myself back into my job again.
  • I echo everyone else who believes that it is perfectly normal to feel a little depressed about the wedding being over. It's not just about those 6 hours, but also about the love and attention and generosity of your friends and family that you have grown accustomed to, you know? But I also share your feelings about the anxiety that you had prior to your wedding. When I look at the photos of our rehearsal, I look PETRIFIED and I barely ate a thing at the rehearsal dinner, and now (well, even then) I just think how stupid it is that I didn't enjoy that day more. But, the truth of the matter is that we both dealt with things the way we had to, and we are both happy with our weddings, and just like you aren't upset about the details that went wrong, allow yourself to be okay with whatever feelings you had that week.
  • i'm surprised at the overwhelming 'its normal' responses. sure, its amazing to have all your family and friends together...

    i think the internet plays a huge part in this. brides spend every waking minute on sites like the knot or other wedding sites so of course you become obsessed and make it your 'new' hobby. more so than before, theres a place to obsess over every little detail and find pictures of exactly what you want.

    lurking around on wedding forums probably isn't helping so much either...
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