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Christmas Canon

Hi everybody! I am getting married 12-7-13 and wanted to know if anyone was planning on walknig down the aisle to Transiberian Orchestras Christmas Canon OR know of anyone that has. Ever since I heard that song I knew I wanted a Christmas wedding and thats what I want to walk down the aisle to. I know sometimes its cheesy to have a recording but just wanted to hear your thoughts or if anyone has been to a wedding where this has been done!

Re: Christmas Canon

  • I will be walking down the aisle to that. I have no second thoughts about it! Let me know how it goes!
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  • COOL!  I want the entire bridal party to walk down to it and then at the end when its just the strings playing thats when I will make my entrance. Just trying to see if anyone else has any other ideas about to go about it. :) Thanks!

  • How big is your bridal party? I have to figure out how mine will work because it's just us two and one maid of honor and one best man. lol. 
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  • I have 6 bridesmaids....then us two so 14 total. It will be pretty no matter how many people you have....The song can play and then maybe halfway through at a point the bridesmaids can start walking.
  • omg I LOVE it! Great idea! :-)
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  • Thanks! Im just a little nervous because I will be using a I wasnt sure I would go about doing this. I have searched online for any youtube video or anything of brides doing this at their wedding but havent found a single thing. Ugh! :/
  • We are having a Christmas wedding and want to use that as well :)
    Can't wait for my Christmas Wedding!!!
  • We are using this as well! I haven't found an instrumental version yet though, does TSO do one?
  • I am walking down to that too.
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