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Feeling a bit down about the wedding

Has anyone here needed to push back their wedding?

FI and I had a serious chat the other night, where I had a mini-meltdown over our finances and the stress of getting everything organised in such a short time frame. We were going to get married in Thailand early July (so that FI's daughter could be there - she's 5 and we need her mom's permission, so we're pretty much at her beck and call), but it's just too soon. So we're now looking at October or December (still in Thailand - woot!) - it's just getting really difficult relying on FI's ex for 'permission' to get married. 

I'm beginning to understand why so many couples elope. Heh.

TL:DR - Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhh.
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Re: Feeling a bit down about the wedding

  • i didnt want to pospone my a couple of years ago, and 1 month before the event we have to cut the guest lit a LOT, i will always im doing my 2 years anniv party like the big wedding i want at the beginning, there is nothing wrong with pospone, ;)
  • You're right, and now I'm actually feeling a lot better about the idea of waiting. It's a relief to know that we won't need to book vendors without knowing for sure how we'll get the cash together in time, and now that we have those few extra months, we'll be able to do things properly and not stress over things we're 'missing out on' because of budget. Plus, it looks like more people will be able to make it now that we're able to give them a few more months to plan - score!

    Thanks for all your encouragement ladies, I really appreciate it :)
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