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You got some splaining to do!

I see you got your ring! How did it happen? When did it happen? Pics?


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  • I will have to post photos later as the ones I have are not really great.

    Last weekend we went on a nice short vacation to western NY. FI cousin was getting married. These two had been together 10 years before he proposed so FI rightly did not want to steal her thunder which I think was awesome. The wedding was Saturday we went it was beautiful, my kidlet danced her pants off and macked on his cousin all night.

    Sunday morning FI took me and my daughter to a park with a hiking trail. This trail is one he really loved growing up. He picked this spot for a number of reasons 1 I love nature and feel closest to god in nature, 2 I love dragonflies this place is a haven for the little critters, 3 its beautiful and secluded, and 4 its a place that he has memories at and he wanted to share those. During our hike I saw lots of dragonflies, turtle eggs, caterpillars, frogs, etc. We went off the main path into the woods on our way back to the main path FI told me to sit and close my eyes that he saw something I'd like to see (note I'd been taking photos picking up rocks and pine cones, smelling flowers etc all morning). I sat down closed my eyes and asked "Is it fuzzy?" because I'd mentioned earlier I loved wooly bear caterpillars and I thought maybe that's what he saw. It wasn't fuzzy he placed in my hand a big silver rhinosaurus beetle box made from a real beetle! I knew immediately what this was and opened the box with my daughter sitting next to me, inside was my ring. FI took the ring from me and got down on one knee in front of me proclaimed his love etc and asked me to marry him. I said yes of course, and then he asked my daughter if he could marry me and she said yes. I was so stunned I couldn't even cry though my eyes were moist. It was so beautiful surrounded by trees with the two most important people in my life.

    My ring I will post photos later is a Krikawa Dragonfly custom setting with a 2.36 carat Larry Woods Celestial compass Purple Sapphire. The bodies and eyes are white diamonds, and the setting is platinum. Dragonflies are very significant to me since my grandmother's death in 2006 and he knew this and my love for them and this is why he went with this setting despite my issues over the price.  I have to give Krikawa credit their customer service is impeccable and their detail extraordinary. The ring is a work of art.

    I'm over the moon right now. I knew he would officially ask after he got the ring but I never imagined it would be so amazing. I feel like the luckiest woman alive to have him, and to have my dreams come true.
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  • Congrats! Its beautiful!  Im glad he got your daughter involved since it will make it special for her too.


  • I'm glad he asked her since she's the one giving me away :). They are the two most important people in my life.
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