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PSA on vendors

Just a quick PSA (that I wished I'd figured out earlier) for the brides to be... when possible, try to hire vendors you genuinely LIKE as people. Even if they cost a few dollars more, you have to interact with them so often in the (stressful) days leading up to your wedding. If you're working with a vendor you genuinely enjoy, it can do wonders for your anxiety level (priceless). I can just imagine the day-of will be so much easier and smoother, as well.

If any of you are looking for a day-of coordinator, call Kristi Treadwell with Joyful Details. Breathtaking photos? A L Collective. Style Me Pretty-worthy flowers? Wendee Sawran. Out of all the vendors I'm in the midst of working with, these ladies have made planning a breeze with their smiles, calm demeanors and lightning fast responses. 

Two months left to go - phew!

Re: PSA on vendors

  • I totally agree!  It's been extremely important for us to feel comfortable with the vendors that we have chosen.  We've already spent several hours communicating with all of our vendors and there isn't one that I am "iffy" about.

    I would also add to make sure they have good reviews, good testimonials/references they can show you, and have a clear cut contract.  This will help with determining if they are honest and trustworthy.

    Jen - the next two months are going to fly by for you!  I am so jealous because I can't wait for my wedding day to be here!  I've still got another 9 months :(  Oh, and thanks for listing your vendors - I've been searching for a DOC and I've scheduled a consultation with Kristi.  She seems really great so far :)
  • Hi ystaalenburg! I'm actually so glad I got these thoughts down in writing when I did because it helped me make a pretty difficult decision this week. I got a "trial run" of my wedding day hair at West End Salon (one of the places I mentioned I was considering in our other conversation) last weekend and, while they did a fine job with my hair, I couldn't help but feel crummy leaving there. Let's just say the stylist was making some pretty snarky comments about other brides, making fun of girls in the salon, etc. I thought for sure I was going to choose her (especially after spending such a big chunk of $) but after remembering this post, I decided to go meet with someone else. This stylist was sweet, fun, super talented and most importantly, made me feel comfortable and at-ease. Needless to say, I booked her! I'm not going to lie, it's a little nerve-wrecking not getting a trial with her, but she's got amazing reviews and is the kind of girl that won't mind redoing my hair over and over again until she gets it just the way I want it. :) So finally breathing a sigh of relief... less than two months until the big day and I've FINALLY booked a hair stylist! lol

    Have you had a chance to meet with Kristi yet? I definitely consider myself a budget bride and was a little nervous about spending money on a coordinator, but I'm beginning to realize that's the best money I could have possibly spent. Kristi is awesome!

    And trust me, nine months will flyyyyyyy by! Good luck :)
  • Hey Jen!  I hate it when people talk bad about people!  I mean, what are you supposed to say back to that?  So, who did you end up booking?  I would be a little nervous too, but if you are getting a good vibe, then that will take you a long way.  I would just make sure to send her a lot of photos of what you want (which I am sure that you have :D) and hopefully she will be able to recreate it perfectly for you!

    We have a meeting set up with Kristi tomorrow night and I am so excited!  We meet with one yesterday and I was not that impressed.  I just didn't get the feeling that I wanted to have, so I'm hoping everything goes better with Kristi.  She was super nice on the phone and seemed to know what questions to ask, so that was a good sign.  I've also seen a couple of other brides on here that are using her.

    I would also consider myself a budget bride, but this is something that is a great investment.  For piece of mind and to keep our sanity - it is sooo worth it!!
  • Oh yes, I'm beginning to realize just how many tiny little details are involved in pulling off a wedding and reception, and I'm so glad I won't have to worry about ANY of that the day-of! Good luck with Kristi tonight... I really think you'll like her :)

    As for hair, I ended up going with Stephanie at Haute Facade. She actually opened the Haute Facade in Dallas about 10 years ago before moving to Austin for her husband so she's got a ton of experience doing bridal hair and knows exactly what works with your facial features, personality, dress, etc. Poor thing, I've already given her print outs with about 10 samples of the hair I want so definitely have that covered! :) Another perk is that if you get three people's hair done, she'll travel to you for free. Nice not to have to worry about that on the big day.

    Have you found anyone yet? I know you put that decision on the back burner a while ago... :) If Stephanie does a good job on my wedding day, I'll be sure to let you know. You'll still have plenty of time to book at that point.
  • We LOVED Kristi!!  Thanks again for recommending her!  She is so nice and I really hope that we get the chance to work with her.  I wish I would have meet her in the beginning and hired her to plan everything! lol

    As for hair, I have a friend that will be graduating from beauty school in May and she has offered to do my hair.  I just hope that all goes well.  We are supposed to start playing around with different styles in the next week or so to see what we come up with.  I will probably hire someone else to do makeup though, because I don't think she will be able to handle hair and makeup for everyone.  Please do let me know how everything goes with Stephanie - so far it sounds like she is a great stylist to have in your pocket!  Are you using anyone for your makeup or are you doing it yourself?  I don't think I'll let anyone do my makeup (kinda picky about that) but it would be great o have someone for the other girls.
  • Great news! I'm so glad you liked her, too... she's been so helpful and responsive. I'm doing make-up myself - mostly because I'm traumatized from past experiences, lol - but Stephanie actually does make-up and she's received some great reviews for that. You're so lucky you have a friend willing to work with you and do your hair! No matter how great the stylist is, I think its always more calming to have a friend by your side on your big day than anyone else. :)
  • We signed the contract and mailed the deposit to Kristy late last week so super excited about that!

    I feel you on the makeup thing!  Even though she will help with the hair and makeup, I am going to do my own.  Believe it or not, the only good makeup applications that I've had are from a guy that works at the MAC counter in Dillards in Lakeline Mall.  I've been considering going up there and asking if he would be willing to do my wedding :) lol!
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