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Just Venting...

I think I am about to go crazy and my wedding is not until August.  My bridesmaids are at each other throuts about the bachlorette party, which they literally just started planning.  My invintations are taking longer to make then expected.  I haven't even gone in to look at the guys tuxes or get a viel yet.  I feel like there is so much to do and all I want to do is press the fast forward button to the day off.  The only thing I have been enjoying lately about wedding stuff is going to dance class with my Fiance.  So I have been really stressed out and eating things I shouldn't (like chocolate) which means I am not loosing the wieght I wanted for my dress. UHGGG!

Re: Just Venting...

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    First, take some deep breaths.

    Then, stop worrying about your BMs and the bach party they are planning.  This is one area where you do not have to concern yourselves at all.  If they are coming to you to complain about one another just tell them that you do not want to get involved and shouldn't because it concerns your bach party which you are not allowed to plan.  Anyway it is rude of them if they are coming to you and spilling their problems which they should be able to work out themselves.

    As far as the invites go, just keep telling yourself that they don't have to go out until June at the earliest so you still have plenty of time to finish them.  You should even schedule an hour or so a day or every other day where all you do is focus on your invites and only your invites.

    Trust me when I tell you that picking out the tuxes does not take a long time at all.  I think it took me and my H about 45 minutes from the moment we walked in the store, filled out all the information, looked through the books, picked the stuff out, had him measured and then left the store.  Easy breezy.

    Just keep reminding yourself that all these things will get done.  There is no point in stressing because that will just make you crazy.  Make a list and do one thing at a time.  Everything will be fine.

  • I am also getting married in Aug and one way I have kept my sanity until now is by focusing primarily on one task at a time.  Also, my fiance is handling suits because he knows more about that stuff than I do (and we are just having the guys where black suits anyway).  Try not to worry, as you still have 3 months and still plenty of time to get it all accomplished.
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  • I agree with pp. it's sounds like you are burnt out. May you should take a break?
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