Very disappointed re: yesterday

I've been pondering a few ways to say this, but the GTG turnout was really poor. Out of the over twenty or so who were interested and liked the 29th as a date, Station Square, and 6:30pm as a time, two of us showed up, Heather (26summer) and I.

I liked getting to know you Heather; it was great to finally meet you. :)

Thank goodness Heather showed up or I would have been sitting at a table all by myself, how embarrassing.

I just wanted to say that I am disappointed that I didn't get to meet/see most of you.

I know almost all of you had legitimate circumstances come up, but I can't help but wonder if one or two of you were not being honest. I especially wonder this given how many times this has happened in the past and that almost all the cancelations came in this morning, one right after the other. 

I don't see myself planning any more GTG's unfortunately, even though I will be in Pittsburgh several times over the next few months.

Anyone thinking of planning a GTG, I would love to go and see everyone; I just won't organize again.

Re: Very disappointed re: yesterday

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    Aw, that sucks Kwynn.  I wish you would have had a better turnout!
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    Happy Birthday, little man. We love you so much!

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    Oh Kwynn, I'm so sorry. :(   I didn't plan on going for sure and we talked about that, but I wanted to say that it sucks that the turnout was bad. It has happened before and it is always a bummer.

    Let me know next time you're in Pgh and I'll plan a GTG. No organizing for you. We'll just meet you and buy you drinks.
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    Kwynn I never pass up a chance to go out and grab a drink with people but I really couldn't leave the puppy home so sick. I'm glad Heather was there and I'm sorry it was a bad turnout.
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    I feel terrible, I have never missed a GTG before that I planned to attend.  I was really looking forward to bringing my new camera!  Ditto what Molly said, we'll make it happen next time for sure.
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    That's terrible K. I'm sorry about that. Best laid plans of mice and men... My aunt did come over yesterday so I really couldn't come- but you're right about people skipping out on GTGs, it seems to happen quite frequently. I think people are really busy with the holidays and everything.  But we'll make it happen, just let us know when you are up north again and we will take you out!
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    I apologize for having to back out at the last minute. I truly had all intentions of making it.

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    I was also very disappointed.  Kwynn took the time to plan the GTG and then the two of us, who are from out of town and had a lot of other people to squeeze in, managed to go but so many others didn't-BUMMER.

    Kristen it was great getting to meet you and to talk with you!  I just hope that next time people who say they are commited to coming actually show up.
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