AW: 40 days to go....

And I just found out I'm pregnant!

We are so, so happy. I'm just bouncing off the walls (promptly followed by some vomiting of course). I really was hoping to make it until the wedding, but would rather have it this way than having trouble TTC later. I have seen so many of my friends go through that and I just feel for them so much.

And now for TMI - I went off of BCPs 3 months ago b/c I didn't have a period for 2 years on Yaz. I was worried it would take me longer to ovulate normally again which is why I went off early. And, even using back up methods, I still got pregnant within 2 months. Holy crap, I'm fertile apparently. We're both 32 and it is a first for both of us.

Plus we got our marriage license and wedding rings yesterday. Super-d-duper exciting week!

Re: AW: 40 days to go....

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    Congrats!! Oh that's so lovely and exciting for both of you!

    I've been on Depo for two years and have been contemplating when to go off of it, as I haven't had one for two years either. Hmm...maybe not as far in advance as I thinking.

    That's so wonderful, are you families thrilled?
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    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! Smile
    I'm so thrilled for you. I went off B/C last month because we're trying to conceive. I'm 36 and we didn't want to wait much longer, wedding or not. So here's hoping what you two have is catching!!
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    Families are very excited. Even though we both have siblings and I'm not the oldest grandchild on my side - this is the first grandchild for my parents and the first great-grandchild for my grandparents. My grandpa is so cute. He told me that in his day, they didn't "do that sort of thing before marriage....but we sure made up for it afterwards" and then started giggling.
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    OMG Colsta congratulations!!!  I'm so so so so happy for you!  I wish you nothing but the best and hope you and a beautiful (and easy!) pregnancy!!
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