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Have you used these venues?

Hello all!
Joined this when MOH at my best friend's wedding, now a bride to be myself. Have any of you CT knotties used/know about any of these venues?

Farmington Gardens
The Gardens at Bassets Bride Farms

Or, do you know of any spaces similar to the Lace Factory? We are planning an evening/cocktail ceremony and reception and sadly this space must be vacated at 10 PM.


Re: Have you used these venues?

  • I only looked at the Winivan and Farmington Gardens online, but Farmington Gardens is supposed go be beautiful. It is a newer venue. I saw this on my photographers blog recently... Made me wish I had gone to see it in person! Go to his website and click on blog to see them (I can't figure out how to get the right link and paste here from my iPad) www.ericbrushett.com We initially looked into the Lace Factory, but ultimately booked the Webb Barn in Wethersfield. You may want to looking to the Webb Barn is you like the rustic feel. Does location matter to you at all?
  • My Cousin is getting married at Farmington Gardens next year.  She said the staff is being helpful to her as far as answering any questions etc;  Based off the picture the place looks beautiful.  As PP said, if location isn't a big factor you should look into Hawk's Landing Country Club in Southington.  It is also a fairly new place but I love the people I am working with there and I am so excited to have my wedding there
  • Winivan is absolutely gorgeous but it is eye-poppingly expensive, however if you have the budget and can spend a lot per person then I think it would be an amazing venue.  But, if you do use Winivan I would also consider what your guests will be doing, a 2 person overnight room starts at about $700/night and goes up pretty quickly from there so if you have out of town guests would they be able/willing to spend that . . . also its in Morris which is pretty remote so most of the hotel choices will either be far from the venue or also pricey such as the Litchfield Inn.   
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  • We got married at teh Webb Barn in WEthersfiled.  Rustic but Pretty because you get the gounrd too.
    Check out Wickham park in Manchester CT.  Pond house Elizabeth park
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