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SO I'm from Saskatchewan as is my FH. We are currently having a few difficulties in choosing a location. I have recently moved from Prince Albert to Saskatoon, while he is originally from Hanley but has been living in Saskatoon for the last 6 or 7 years. I have always wanted to be married in lake country, North of Prince Albert while my FH has never been very nostalgic to a particular location. I'll likely be doing most of my planning in Saskatoon which will make it easy to include family and friends in the planning, but would it be considered selfish to make all of our family members and friends travel 45 mins to 3.5 hours to get to our location? Should we treat it as a destination wedding? This is Saskatchewan after all where most people have to travel to get anywhere. Your help and advice would be appreciated.
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    I don't think it's a big deal at all for people to drive 45 mins to an hour. (LOL in my city, that would barely get you across town). If most people have to travel 2-3.5 hours, then I'd say treat it more like a destination wedding - make sure there will be lots of reasonably priced accommodations available for guests, or have the reception earlier in the day so that people can have time to drive home if they want to. You may have fewer people attending and less gifts.

    It sounds beautiful. Good luck!
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    Anyway, we are also from and getting married in Saskatchewan, getting married near my hometown, and FI's family will be doing a lot more travelling.  So I get where you're coming from.  We do kinda of treat it as a DW, and have made sure we've come up with lots of option for his family and our friends from the city to stay the weekend.

    I think getting married up north, there is options for people to camp and places to stay.  And really, the people who want to come will do what they have to.  I just stayed in a tent this September when it was -2 for a friend's wedding.

    Trust me, I've battled with thinking it was selfish to get married at my hometown.  Same deal, it was important to me, and FI really didn't care where it happened.  But we've done a lot to make accomodations available, FI's parents are happy with the solutions are are 100% on board with it, and things like this always work their way out :)
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    Hey, thank-you both for your help. Although I'm living in Saskatoon, it still throws me off that an hour long drive will barely get you across town. As we will be paying for the wedding almost entirely ourselves, we have got the unfortunate occurance of having to wait until we are sure we can pay for it before actually setting a date.  Our current planning is that it will be an early September wedding. Here comes the question; should we book off a group of rooms at a mid range bed and breakfast up in lake country (around a fifteen minute walk from our current reception site) as well as a block of rooms at a nicer hotel in Prince Albert (around a 30 minute drive from the reception site)? The bed and breakfast is sweet and cheaper; but not all of our wedding guests would be able to stay there because of the size (at capacity it can hold 40 guests while our wedding in running around 90). There are campsites/ rv parks nearby as well, though it is running a little late in the season for comfortable camping. There are options for other hotels/motels, but most would mean a 30 minute highway drive from the reception site. I don't really know what is considered too much in the way of a drive from the reception back to the hotel. Can someone help me out here?
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    I don't think a 30 minute highway drive is that bad.  I wouldn't want it to be much longer.
    But I do think you should also book at the bed and breakfast.  If you know you'll have a drinking crowd, you won't want them driving any distance that night.
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