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April 2012 Weddings

married brides, any advice for the rest of us?

So it looks like most of the brides on this board have gotten married already! Congrats! Do you have any advice for the rest of us that are left?? We only have one week left! Ahhhh!!
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Re: married brides, any advice for the rest of us?

  • This week is already moving very fast.
    I can't wait!  Soon it's our turn!

  • mdphdmdphd member
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    Enjoy your day :)  Dont sweat the small stuff.  Try to find a moment post-ceremony to be alone with your new H and let it sink in.

    Oh, and EAT!!!
  • My advice would be to enjoy every minute because it will go by way to fast!  It seems like months and months of planning, stress, and anticipation and its over in what feels like 5 minutes.  Not everything will go perfect so don't stress over the small things.
    And I agree with PP - make sure you eat!!!
  • I didn't get to eat at the reception. I had a big waffle for breakfast. Our reception was in the afternoon so we had fruit and veggie and meat/cheese trays. I had two cookies before the ceremony. After the reception we went back to MIL house and I had three pieces of chicken leftover a couple days before. I was ok but wish I'd been able to eat at the reception. Also wish I'd been able to see everyone and spend more time with people before they left.
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  • Hiccups are going to happen. Don't worry about it.. no one will notice... They WILL notice if you act upset...SOOOO... Don't stress.
  • Agree with pp: don't forget to eat and drink (water)!  Perhaps have your MOH or another BM in charge of keeping everyone hydrated (and maybe have some snacks) during the rehearsal, pre-ceremony and during the photo session. 

    If you are dressing at the site: Have your BM's pack up all of their belongings as soon as they are done dressing...and stack everything together in one spot.  It saves a lot of time - and lost items- after the ceremony when someone goes back to gather all of the stuff.

    And remember to just roll with the punches, and those little hiccups can be managed without getting stressed.

    And if you don't have a DOC, or a friend that can act as one - - GET ONE!!  LOL  I didn't have one with DD#1. I do DOC work myself and thought I could handle being the MOB and the DOC.  In a word: no.  With DD#2 on the 14th we had a friend work with us and it made ALL of the difference!  She had her husband there to help as well - I don't know what I would have done without them!!  :)

    And just remember to enjoy yourself!  Take a moment with your new hubby to step back and look around at all of the people that love you and have gathered to celebrate with you....

    Have a wonderful wedding day!!
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