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Cheap, non-church ceremony site?

my fiance and I are in a bind as to where we could actually get married. our wedding reception is going to be very casual and we are on a very tight budget... problem is we are not religious people and would feel really uncomfortable in a church for the ceremony. we can't do it outdoors because it's in december and I don't want to rent a whole hall for just the ceremony because the reception is going to be at my mom's house. i have looked everyywheerrre online but can't seem to find any legitimate options so if anyone has any ideas or advice let me know because I would really rather not end up in the courthouse Undecided

Re: Cheap, non-church ceremony site?

  • kaehaszkaehasz member
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    My fiance are in the same boat - we found this place: http://www.wsuuc.org/West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church.

    We haven't been to check it out yet... although from the website it seems very open minded and laid back (they even host civil union ceremonies).

    Hope that helps! Keep me posted on what you might find, because we'd love some other ideas.
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    What are of town are you looking at?

    You can always look at a local community center and save money on the location and then spend your budget on decorations.  You can turn a simple room into something grand very easily.  It's an option.
  • JKohioJKohio member
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    Does anyone you know live in an apartment complex or condo complex that has a party room? Depending on how many guests, you could use that (often cheap or free for the resident to use) -- dress it up any way you like.

    Also, no idea on price, but the Rockefellar Greenhouse does ceremonies only. Crap. Nevermind. I just checked their website and they don't do December weddings because of their annual poinsetta display. (Otherwise, it's CHEAP -- $175 for nonresidents of Cleveland -- can you adjust your date?) http://www.rockefellergreenhouse.org/

    How about your community's city hall? Some are really nice.
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  • ayamm1123ayamm1123 member
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    What area are you looking at? How many guests are you expecting to attend the ceremony?
  • brendaPaulobrendaPaulo member
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    grand staircase of The Union Club downtown - check that out!

    good luck!
  • franswa77franswa77 member
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    I am actually going with Rockerfeller Park, and I will possibly use my community's civic center. However, I would like to have a tent reception with the vicinity of Rockerfeller, but I am not sure where to find a safe open area. Any ideas?
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