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New Jersey

Westmount Country Club prices?

Anybody get married at Westmount Country Club recently? Do you mind letting me know how much it was per person. It looks absolutely beautiful online. I don't want to drive up there and have my whole family fall in love with it only to find out it's way out of our price range. Thanks! 

Re: Westmount Country Club prices?

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    I looked there and I believe I was quoted around $125 for a Saturday DAY wedding in July. It included a LOT...we were stunned at the amount of food on the menu. It's also absolutely beautiful.
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    They will never give you a price over the phone. They ask you what you want to pay per plate and let you know what they have available (month, day, time) in that price rage. If you'd like I can PM you what I'm paying for my November 4th wedding if thats in the season you are looking for?
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  • GiaspoGiaspo member
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    For a guarantee of 150, the only available day/time in 2011 they could offer was a Sunday morning in late October at $135pp. He said it was because our wedding was small and the premium times are for larger parties. We really liked it and were disappointed. The rooms are gorgeous and the menu is amazing!
  • tiptoes77tiptoes77 member
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    We looked at wcc and they quoted us 135 or 140 for a sun night in Oct/nov. Plus tax and grat. plus a matr'd fee of 1200, and you have to use one of their florists. Gorgeous place, good food but too expensive for me.
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    We were looking for a Saturday night in November for 300 people
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_new-jersey_westmount-country-club-prices?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:90Discussion:68d242da-b91f-4e39-b4cc-738e666eb08fPost:82a6606c-6884-4a89-8947-9e7100a27675">Re: Westmount Country Club prices?</a>:
    [QUOTE]They will never give you a price over the phone. They ask you what you want to pay per plate and let you know what they have available (month, day, time) in that price rage. If you'd like I can PM you what I'm paying for my November 4th wedding if thats in the season you are looking for?

    </div><div>Yes please! We were looking for a Saturday night in November!</div>
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    We just booked our wedding at the Westmount for a Friday night in October.  We went in originally looking for a Saturday in October/November but they had none available.  They did have Saturday Dec 8th open for the smaller room, and I was quoted $169pp with a 175 people min guarantee. However, note that this is for the Continental Room and not the larger ballroom, so the availability may be different.

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    Wow, they must be starving for business because they were charging close to 200 a head back in 2009 when we got married

    No prices over the phone?  Please.  That is pretty crappy "asking people what they want to pay, and keeping the best dates and times for the highest bidders.
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  • CatWolf200CatWolf200 member
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    Had wedding at Westmount this past February on a Sunday evening. We paid $125 per person with a 125 guest minimum which is lower than their in-season or Saturday night rates/minimum.  "Viennese Extravaganza" was extra as was ceremony fee, maitre'd fee, tax and gratuity. Our wedding was in the smaller room which really is not small at all and has a beautiful cocktail hour room.  Westmount is a gorgeous venue and they did a fabulous job!   
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    There was a "Say Yes to the Dress" special on Friday ("Big Day"), where they followed one of their brides (Kelly, the "Big Bliss" bride who said her style was "Atlantic City hooker meets Bloomingdales") through her wedding planning process, and she got married at Westmount. The show pointed out that the venue cost $30,000, and I think she had 225 guests? I wasn't paying attention to that. I'm not sure what room the reception was in, but it looked like it was the one adjacent to the outdoor space, and there was a white grand piano outside of it. Also, she spent $8,000 for the flowers (via Pedestals. They were impressive, but yikes!).

    They showed her ceremony in the outdoor space, and I really don't care for it. It reminds me of a McMansion patio (all paving, no grass), and you can see an apartment complex in the background. Which makes me wonder if the residents there like to spy in on the ceremonies!

    The invitations (and show) mentioned the venue was in West Paterson, and not Woodland Park. Hope no one got lost!

    She also got her Alice in Wonderland-themed cake at Palermo's, and that was about $2,000. I didn't even know Palermo did cakes that weren't white.
  • divaMOHdivaMOH member
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    WMC can be super pricey all depending on how lavish you want your wedding to be.  Don't get me wrong, the place is beautiful and a lot of people who use their venue believe there really isn't anything like it.

    But, by the looks of it, it seems as though they might be willing to be more flexible with their price pp than they might initially seem.  If you go in there and act like you're willing to spend money, then they're probably going to to charge you in the $160's, but if you go in there with a need to negotiate, then it seems you can talk them down a little bit.

    My last piece of advice, STAY CLEAR OF BOBBY!

    Keep in mind if you book this place, you have to use on of their 3 florists.  
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    My FI and I went to Westmount a while back and really loved the venue.  It has a ton of character and you can absolutley negotiate a price that works for you!  I dont mind that you have to use one of their three florists.  Their main florist, Atlas, is located on premise and seems to do amazing work.  divaMOH - tell me more about Bobby?!  He showed us the facility, and I can absolutely see people thinking he is pushy, but should I be worried about anything else?  Also, Westmount brides - how was sharing the space with another party?  Were you running into random people/did you see the other bride?

  • Hey, I was browsing and could not help but to read your response about doing a PM for pricing in November. I am looking in November also. Would you be able to inform me on how much per head this Venus is?
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