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Messy guest list!!!!!!! Help!!

Hello well my problem until now is my guestlist. My reception cite only takes upto 300 and my guest list 380+ it is a mess. can anyone help me im kinda loosing my mind how can i cut it down?

Re: Messy guest list!!!!!!! Help!!

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    Start by cutting family members beyond first cousins. 

    Then cut friends or acquaintances you haven't seen or talked with (and I don't mean on Facebook) in the last twelve months.  Then go through the list that's left, and cut anyone you haven't seen or talked with in the last 8 months.

    If you don't hang out with people from work during non-work hours, you can cut them off the list.  The fact that you work with them doesn't make them friends:  it makes them co-workers.  And you don't have to include them.

    Then look at your list again.  Put a check mark next to the people you'd invite to your home for a dinner party.  If at the end of that, there's no check mark next to their name:  they can also be cut from the list.

    How many on the list are children?  You CAN have a child-free wedding. 

    You may have to be ruthless.  It can be done.  And honestly, I can't imagine that you seriously have 380 people that you'd call in an emergency.  Because that would be, for me, another benchmark you could use.  You wouldn't call an acquaintance in an emergency~you don't have to invite them to your wedding either.

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    [QUOTE]Hello well my problem until now is my guestlist. My reception cite only takes upto 300 and my guest list 380+ it is a mess. can anyone help me im kinda loosing my mind how can i cut it down?
    Posted by hildaba3[/QUOTE]

    We can't tell you who to cut from your list...  Cut the people you aren't as close to.  Think about who you would be upset to get a "no" RSVP from, and who you wouldn't really care.  Cut the people you wouldn't really care.  Or go in circles.  Cut the most distant relations, or the friends you haven't seen in the longest time.  Cut all the co-workers, or all the parents' friends that you don't really know or like.  Whatever.
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    You cannot possibly have 380 people that are "must-invites".  Cut out second cousins.  Cut out high school friends that you haven't talked to in years.  Skip co-workers. 

    I would make a list of those that you absolutely cannot cut: grandparents, siblings, etc.  And then just start grouping people after that.  Next invite your aunts and uncles.  Next close friends.  Next 1st cousins. etc.  Eventually you will reach your 300 count and then you just stop.

    It is not necessary to invite anyone and everyone you know.  People will understand that they are not invited- especially if they aren't in the list of 300 people that are closest to you.
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    From what I've heard parents and in laws can help make the list very large.  I'm not sure if your parents and future in laws are inviting people, but if it is a substantial amount, ask them to cut their list down too.  If they are helping to pay and use that as an excuse why they should be able to invite whoever they want, talk to them about how you want to spend the day with the people that are important to you...and it helps to remind them that every person they invite = more money. It's ok for them to invite some people, but, try to have them limit it. 
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    Wow. I don't even think I know that many people. I'm gonna agree with the advice everyone else is giving you. You don't have to invite every single distant relative, old friend, co-worker, classmate, etc. Just weed out the people on your list who aren't that close to you. Good luck.
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    I split our guest list so that my parents had a third, the in-laws had a third, and we had a third.  Each party was responsible for cutting their list appropriately.
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