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Wedding Party Gifts

What do you think of giving the bridal party vases layered with their favourite candies?  All of our bridal party is siblings and this is something I know they would love to receive.  I was thinking the vases add a timeless element to it so they have something that lasts beyond the actual wedding day.

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  • Not really liking it.  You should shop for each one personally like it is their bday or Christmas and skip the matching gifts idea.  In all honesty, there are very few vases I would even want in my home and I would smile as you gave me that, and it would end up in a closet.
  • I think your heart is in the right place...however, it's kind of a strange idea. The candy portion makes me think of a pre-teen attendant and the vase portion makes me think of a middle-aged attendant.
    Unless it's some sort of high-end crystal vase, I have to agree with PP that it would end up in a closet or in my Goodwill donation box.
  • If I were in college, that would have sounded awesome.  But at this point in my life, I'm more particular about my home decor, and a vase full of candy would last for months until I finally threw the rest out.
    This is a neglected planning bio.
    This is a belated married bio, with no reviews yet because I'm lazy.

    Sometimes I feel like people think that brides are delicate little flower princesses who get all dressed up and pretty for one special moment of their dreams, when really they're just normal people who just happen to be getting married. Things shouldn't have to be sugar-coated for grown-ass women. -mstar284
  • Thanks for your feedback ladies! Part of my thinking was because my siblings/attendants are younger (pre-teen and college aged) but I think the vase is only practical as a way to display the candy rather than as a gift. Thanks again!
  • or you could try something personalized.  Tons of cute unique gift ideas! check out it is such a cute shop with tons of handstamped jewelry, bottle openers, military related jewelry, keychains, cufflinks, etc... Makes great wedding gifts for bridesmaids & groomsmen. I really like the key chain with a line from your vows stamped on. My hubby is reminded of our day and our promise everday.
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