We are planning on getting portraints done b/t the wedding and reception rather than having an on site photographer. Does anyone know a good photographer with a nice studio in Marietta?

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    I don't but I'm hoping someone on this board can give us some reviews of these photographers (all in Atlanta) maybe one of them can help you. I'd be interested in hearing what folks know/have experienced with them.

    The Photography Shoppe
    Ernie Russell Photography (in Acworth)
    Tracy Brown photography (in Powder Springs)
    Andrea Taylor phogoraphy
    Michelle Renee photography

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    I used Micah Williams photography for my engagement photos and they turned out great! She doesn't own a studio and does on location stuff. She is a newer photographer so she is willing to work out individual deals for clients....she did my engagement photos super cheap and gave us all our digital images on a CD with all of the rights! You should check her out. :)

    Theres also another photographer in Alpharetta that I like, but i can't remember her name...if i think of it, I"ll definitely add on here too!

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    Thanks! I will certainly check  Micah Williams out. :-)
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    Have you thought of doing the portraits in a natural outdoor setting, such as a park, instead of a studio? We would love to talk to you more about it...visit our website at
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    I just booked Annie at Photo By Gannon.  She put a great package together for us, that included an epic session......
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    Andreia Brandon of Brandon Imaging has won lots of awards (she has them listed on her website) and her work looks like it - but she is surprisingly affordable.
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    Premier Wedding Photography has a beautiful studio, and Chris does so many different poses and does stuff in and outside. It's not badly priced for exactly what you want! (:
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