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So for christmas/our anniversary, my boyfriend bought me a ring. It's fairly expensive for what we can afford and it's beautiful. I've never really worn a ring that wasn't costume jewlery and therefore I am freaking out. Even though it's the right size, I am freaking out about it falling down drains or grates in the parking lot.

How long did you freak out before you got used to wearing your ring? And tips and/or advice on how I should not lose or damage my ring? I don't even want to do anything with my right hand right now for fear of messing it up.

Thanks ladies.

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  • Check the warranty on your ring for loss of diamond. Are you going to have the ring insured? Also, you can purchase ring guards from a local jewelry store.
  • Make sure the ring is sized correctly for the finger you'll be wearing it on and it'll be fine.
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  • As long as it is the right size you really shouldn't have a reason to freak out about.

    I have only taken mine off twice while doing something active and that was white water rafting, I wasn't going to risk it while going thru class V rapids. Other than that I wear it all time, unless I am putting on lotions or something.
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  • I am more comfortable wearing my ring all the time knowing that my FI got the lifetime warranty, so if anything happens to the ring, it can still be fixed or replaced. I still try to take my ring off to shower or to do the dishes since I don't want to risk it getting lost in drains, so I usually put it on a ring holder or in the original box when I'm not wearing it.

    You'd be surprised at how strong a ring really is. It's made to be worn, so don't feel nervous wearing it! Just take it off whenever you're concerned about it getting lost or dirty (like while cooking or showering), and put it some place where it won't get lost. :)
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  • I got used to wearing my ring pretty fast. I wouldn't worry about it falling off as long as you make sure it is the right size and you have a warranty on it like PP's suggested.
  • Thanks for the help you guys.

    I don't think we are going to have a warranty or have is insured because it's not terribly expensive (other than to us).

    This is the ring if that helps:

    I am sure I will be less worried in a few days, it's just so new. :)
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    Thanks for the help you guys. I don't think we are going to have a warranty or have is insured because it's not terribly expensive (other than to us). This is the ring if that helps: I am sure I will be less worried in a few days, it's just so new. :)
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    That is a beautiful ring!

    It took me a little while to get used to mine, it's not big but I had never worn a ring on that finger so it was a little strange. We got the warranty because I am hard on jewelry, haha always knocking it into something.
  • Check with your homeowner's or renter's insurance company.  They can probably add an inexpensive rider to your existing policy.
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  • Cute ring!  I think Zales has a one year insurance option on some things, and you can buy it up to a month or 2 after purchase I think.  I had a bracelet that starting causing trouble like 2 days after I bought itso the first repair was covered by the purchase warranty, and then I bought the insurance and since I had them switch the bracelet for a new one I haven't had trouble.

    You can get ring holders or cute dishes to put by the sink in the bathroom/ kitchen to put your ring in when you take it off to wash your hands or whatever.  Then just get in the habit of putting it in one of the dishes whenever you take it off.

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  • ditto PPs that you should look into insuring it - it really doesn't add much to your renters/homeowners and it will give you some peace of mind.

    As for how long....  I know for the first couple weeks I was very aware of it - I even found myself subconsciously making the "okay" hand symbol but with my ring finger, so my ring finger and thumb formed a loop, just in case it slid off.  I don't know exactly when that stopped, but it wasn't more than a month.  Now it's just a part of my hand, and I'm insanely aware if it's OFF, haha.  So if it did fall off I'd know instantly :-)
  • My ring wasn't sized right for about the first four months and I was constantly making my own ring guards out of scotch tape. I never take it off except to shower or when I'm cooking and working with, like, dough (half the time I give it to my fiance, who wears it while I'm busy, lol.) I got used to wearing it quite quickly and definitely miss it when I'm not wearing it. It's usually the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night.. It's not insured even though it probably should be- we don't have any kind of insurance so there's no "rider" option. 

    It was bit embarrassing when we took it to get it resized and found out it was platinum. Yep, platinum wrapped in scotch's a ring that his Grandpa got in 1954 and even his dad had no idea what the metal was- he said everyone just always talked about the rock, hah. I have no problem wearing mine around and eventually we probably will get it insured. It just doesn't seem to be the kind of thing you're able to insure on its own.
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  • Awesome. Thanks for help. I am already getting more used to wearing it. :)
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