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Westchester Venues!!! Help

Hey Girls, I am a Long Island Bride and I have been checking different venues in different places of the state..... I would like to have information on what you have selected or what you all recommend. My Fiance is from the Bronx and we would like something in Westchester. Thanks for your cooperation. The few places I browsed where:

V.I.P Club
Surf Club
Glenn Island Harbour
Beckwith Pointe

All I've done is check their websites, but I have not yet contact them, I was using theknot as a method of process of elimination, I am looking for a garden/outdoor weeding. Any suggestions? Oh & I am staying out of any Abagail Kirsch venue such as the Tarrytown Manor because of its steep prices....

Thanks and hope I can get some answers

Happy Planning Everyone

Re: Westchester Venues!!! Help

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    We got married at Tappan Hill and LOOOOVED it. The food was amazing, the service was excellent. Definitely above and beyond what our expectations of a wedding hall.
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    We looked at the Greentree...their pricing is very good...a lot of value for your money. We didn't end up booking there, but if we had stayed in Westchester, we would have. We had a horrible experience when we went for a site visit at Beckwith Pointe. They were pretty rude when we were there...left us waiting for 50 minutes past our appointment time. That left me with a bad feeling of how an event may go. Colonial Caterers/Jean Jacques  Catering..they have some pretty venues. Good luck!
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    I LOVE the VIP!!  I am contemplating that place, it is my 1st choice so far, I still have a couple of places to look at.  I am not getting married until Nov. 2012 so I have a bit of time.  The surf Club will not do any negotiating with you & make you use their florist.  The Greentree is a little outdated, Beckwith is OK.....the ceilings are a little low for me & Glenn Island has no windows in their rooms & also makes you use their florists. A lot of my friends have gotten married so I am lucky enough to know the ins & outs of everything!  I hope this helped! Good luck!!  Let me know if you need to know anything else out of Westchester.....I now some terrific vendors!!
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    I attended a wedding at Glen Island and it was absolutely amazing. Beautiful venue and great food.
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    So I can relate!! I am from Long Island and I just moved in with my fiance in November to Westchester! 

    I booked VIP and worked with Mike. The place and service is amazing. Mike and Joe (finance) have been working with my family on a wedding budget/plan. 

    I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the place!

    The VIP can do an outdoor ceremony, indoor/outdoor cocktail party but the reception is mainly indoors with an outdoor balcony for with a few tables and walking area.

    Hope that helps!


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    Oh, greentree I heard it's decent but my FI went to a wedding there and said the food was nothing special and the place was okay.

    Glen Island I heard is beautiful but is very expensive and the weddings can intermingle... possibility

    Surf Club - I hate the statue outside of the surf club so I didn't go look at it.

    Beckwithe- I tried over 5 times to call/e-mail them and never got a response... That was my deciding factor.

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    We booked the Westchester Renaissance. The room in the mansion is sooo beautiful with big French doors that lead out to a patio where they can have cocktail hour. I'm in love with it, which of course is a good thing since I'm getting married there. And Bob is really great to work with there.
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    I have been to weddings at the VIP, Beckwith, and Glen Island... here are my comments..

    1.  They are all BEAUTIFUL!
    2.  VIP- the wedding I attended was in the biggest room.  We had someone with us that was on crutches so she needed to use the elevator.  When you get off the elevator, you have to walk through the other banquet room.... which in our case had another party going on.  Make sure you wouldn't be in that room.
    3.  Beckwith- Everything was great, except the cocktail hour room is the same room as the reception.  They just put up movable walls.  Also, I remember the bridal room stairs being very awkward to get into the space.
    4. Glen Island- I have nothing bad to say about them at all.  The wedding was beautiful, and I noticed nothing that I could say they could improve on.

    Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of these choices- they have beautiful rooms, great food and service, and amazing views!
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    I was just married at the Greentree and had a fantastic experience.  We paid the same or less than the other places for a 6 hour reception vs. 5 hours.  That was a selling point for us.  You can have an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour.  We took great pics on their beach. 

    Each place has its own style.  It depends on what you like. 

    If you like a place that is more expensive, you can ask to tweek the menu options to better suit your budget.

    I've also been to Glen Island which was very nice but my MOH had her wedding there.

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    VIP without a doubt!!!! I got married there and had the best day ever. Glen Island is also an outrageously beautiful phenomenal venue.

    Greentree is nice and throws in everything but the kitchen sink to make up for the fact that some of the other places on the strip are a bit nicer. But still a great place for a party.

    I had a very negative experience at Surf Club. The guy is a jerk, the prices are too high, and the food isn't that good.
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    The only personal experience I have is with Beckwith Pointe. As you drive up, you'll see that each one of these places are right next to each other because of the beauty of the water. Think of it as a "strip mall" of reception halls, and I don't mean it in a bad way, because there is a enough space between them for the privacy of your event. On the plus side, you can take a day and knock them out in an afternoon instead of having to go one right after the other. 

    Anyway, Beckwith Pointe was my second choice, and the best of the bunch. It is right at the end and because of their position, you can have great, very dramatic sunset shots right along the water. They have big open windows, which lets in natural sunlight and you can see the beauty of the water. You can have an outdoor wedding right near the water, or have an indoor one in the same room as the reception will be. If you have I think 120+ people, you can also have a roof top ceremony, which overlooks the water. We met with the event manager twice. One time when he was in the middle of setting up for an event, and another time when he did not. When he was in the middle of a million things, he seemed frazzled, unable to manage multiple tasks at hand. When it was just my family and I sitting down with him on a Saturday afternoon, he seemed much more knowledgeable and attentive. The reason why we didn't go with Beckswith Pointe, was because I'm having an April wedding, and the weather can be chancy. This is really the perfect place for a late spring-fall wedding, when you can really make use of the beautiful surroundings. 

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    I'm getting married at Villa Barone Hilltop Manor ,  There is a Villa Barone in the Bronx but I'm getting married in the one in Westchester , check out the website .  It's beautiful !  VillaBaroneHilltop.com     Good Luck !!!!
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    Ive heard very good things about VIP
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    We got married at the Greentree this past March and can't say enough about it.  I didn't think it was outdated compared to the other places.  VIP is very "Italian" - not that there's anything wrong with it, that's just the style of it.  GT gave us an awesome price b/c we were still off season, and offers 6 hours vs. 5 like other places do.  6 months later friends & family still rave about two things .. the food and the music.  And trust me, I have a HUGE group of friends and we've been to practically every hall around.  They aren't known to talk about things if they really didn't like it.

    Aside from our wedding I've attended two as a guest, one of which the ceremony was at the GT.  To me it was pretty but I don't have anything to compare it against.
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    Like kaf said, definitely look in to Jean Jacques:


    What kind of place are you looking for? What kind of a "feel" do you want?
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