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XP: DIY weddign photo album

HI ladies.  This is for those who designed and made their own wedding photo albums.  I have two extra sets of photos I don't know what to do with, and I'm curious about what others did.  I have photos from our "reveal" (where we saw each other before the ceremony) and photos from a post-bridal wedding shoot. 

Not sure how to, or if I should include those in the wedding album. 

For the reveal photos, I'm not sure if the order of the photos would look weird- like we'll be together in photos before the ceremony photos, but if they're after the ceremony, it might look weird.

the post-bridal- not sure.  They're beautiful, but I did my hair differently for a different look in those pics, and they're in completely different locations than my wedding photos.

Waht did you do? Share your experiences!

Re: XP: DIY weddign photo album

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