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So I was just wondering if any of you all were signing a prenup or having your fiance sign one. Im also curious as to how you guys feel about prenups? I've heard a lot of negative comments, are there any positive ones?
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Re: Prenup

  • Personally, we're not doing one.  The house I have from my prior marriage is going to be sold.  We have no other assets except two vehicles.

    I think prenups are a good idea if you have assets - a house you already owned, stock in a business or own a business, etc.  They're a safeguard for you.

    I can also see the other side where it's kinda like, "well, we'll get married, but if we separate, then you can't have X".  Almost like a person doesn't have the confidence the marriage will work out.

    Just my two cents - you need to do what you & your FI feel is best for you.
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    I agree with the PP.  I see both sides.  We won't be getting one since we're starting out with nothing other than one car, so there's really no point for us to even dicuss it.

  • I agree with pp. I see both sides. However FI & I will not be getting a prenup. We bought our home together and many of our vehicles were purchased together. We have already combined our bank accounts and purchase everything together. We entered the relationship when we were both at a young age and therefor brought the same assests into the relationship from the begining.

  • I also agree with the PP. Both sides have their pros and cons. However, FI and I will not be gettinga prenup. We don't have anything other than our cars, and plan on combining our bank accounts when we get married. I'm not against them, it is just not nessicary for us.
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  • People probably would say we should consider having one but when I brought it up it was a an empahatic "no" from my FH and he has far more assets than I.  While we understand the necessity/rationale for a prenup for some we feel it is not right for us.

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  • We probably will be getting one despite the negative connotations. My FI owns a business which he had before we entered into our relationship.
    I anticipate us having a long happy marriage and he does too, but he still feels more comfortable having one because (it pains me to say this bc he's been trying to convince me) you never know what could happen.
    We haven't looked into it or anything yet, but I'm sure he'll want it. I'm growing more and more ok with it.
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