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Decorating.. THE Wall!

We are getting married outdoors and the ceremony site is up a few steps over a large open garden. Behind where we will be standing is a big freaking wall. (It is the base of the rotunda we will have cocktails in). 

So I have this 15 foot tall (estimated) wall that is essentially the backdrop for our ceremony pictures that I have to do something with. I don't want to have to do an arch so I was trying to think of things that would work double duty, that is have them hanging down the walls for the ceremony and have them moved into the reception and suspended from the ceiling after.

I was thinking maybe some sort of garland or maybe a big pommander type ball on a wide ribbon? I was going to have paper lanterns for the reception but they wouldn't work well on the wall.

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Re: Decorating.. THE Wall!

  • how about some colorful banners? I saw some cute ones on offbeatbride. That would work for both functions.
    You could make them all in your wedding colors, white, or make them all different like the one in the post. I think they are so cheerful. If I had more than 2 weeks to go I would make some for my outdoor reception.
    We're just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl, year after year
  • what about hanging vines or cascading flowers? you could set the pots on top of the wall maybe? Or hang garlands, veritcally? maybe instead of an arch drape fabric in the shape of an arch, or draped like curtains over a window, or depending on the style/theme, hand some kind of art, like photos of flowers blown up georgia okeefe style? or turn it into one of those DIY photo booths with the wallpaper and picture frames? or hang small pomanders orlanterns on ribbons at different lengths.
    You've got a blank canvas, so to speak, you could feasibly do anything.

  • I fell in love with anthropology's plastic bottle flower display they had in their stores in the spring. They are easy to make, let you use your creative side, environmentally friendly, and you can color them to your specific liking! I don't have the link on hand, but if you google it pic's will pop up. 
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