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South Asian Weddings

"ethnic" makeup

OK ladies...
I need some serious help!  I am fairly dark-skinned South Indian.  I rarely wear any makeup at all, and don't know much about brands, shades, etc.  Are there any makeup lines that are better for people with dark skin?  Especially with (South) Asian skin tones?  Shiseido is all too pale, and brands like Clinique and Estee Lauder don't really cater to darker skin either.  I've heard that Bobbi Brown is good, and I once had luck with a MAC makeup artist (but that was in NYC and I'm in Chicago now!)  Any advice would be really appreciated!!!
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Re: "ethnic" makeup

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    I would go to a MAC counter and see what they have.  Also, the people at Sephora will always help you find the right foundation and there are so many different brands to choose from there. NARS has some amazing colors that work great on darker skin.
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    I'm also a dark skinned South Indian who wears very simple makeup, so I'm in the same boat. Clinique had pretty limited selection for dark skinned women, but I did find one foundation colour that suits me pretty well. The shade is called Deep Carmel, if you want to take a look at that. I also had a hair and makeup trial, and she used Bobbi Brown foundation on me which seemed to match pretty well. I've tried MAC before, but I find their foundation looks a little orange on me, not sure if anyone else has had the same experience. But for all the other stuff (eyeliner, eye shadows, etc) MAC has some gorgeous colours that are bold enough for Indian weddings. Hope that helps, and good luck!
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    I would try MAC, Bobbi Brown, or Prescriptives.  MAC and Bobbi Brown have wonderful shades for brown skin and Prescriptives can color match your skin to create the perfect color foundation or powder for you.  Just make sure it matches your skin along the jaw line of your face before you commit to anything.  There's a MAC store on Oak St. near Michigan Ave. in Chicago, Bobbi Brown is in Nordstroms and Saks, and Prescriptives should be in your local department store. 
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    I'm a dark skinned SA as well. The best I've found is Prescriptives - they do the colour matching, as noted. I think my shade was "antelope" with something... the downside is that they are quite expensive (in my opinion!). Good luck!
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    I LOVE Cargo products - Sephora carries them. I don't often find shades that fit my 'wheatish' complexion that I love, but this brand is amazing. Also, try Becca, but my local Sephora store discontinued selling the line. I have also tried Clinique. Mac is murder for my skin although I know lots of women who love it.
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    You should also try Make Up Forever or Giorgio Armani Cosmetics.  Both lines have a lot of shades that are suitable for Indian skin tones.  My makeup artist KC Makeup recommended Girogio Armani cosmetics which has a much more natural finish than MAC.
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    I find that MAC clogs my pores and makes me break out. I am using "Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation." They have tons of shades to choose from.  It looks great on camera and feels very light.
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