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Veil Opinions?

Any opinions on veils attached to Juliet caps? I want to use my mom's veil, and her's is a juliet cap. I've been told I can alter the veil if I want, but I'm pretty sure she likes it the way it is. Is this too old-fashioned a look to even try to make it work?
Thanks for the input. I want my veil to look great, but really don't want to hurt any feelings in the process.

Re: Veil Opinions?

  • I was just in a similar situation...I think my mom's was a Juliet cap. I was planning on wearing her's cap and all.   Has the veil/cap yellowed at all?  This helped me decide.  I also tried to wear it around for a bit to see how it felt, and while my fiance actually liked how it looked, it was not comfortable.   I kept going back and forth until I went to get the veil cleaned.  It seemed virtuallly impossible to get the cap in the ivory color I wanted.  (It had yellowed since it's 30+ years old.)   So, my mother was the one who actually took it off of the cap with scissors! Now I found a designer who is going to restore it, put it on a comb, etc. for a reasonable price.  I stressed a ton, but it all worked out.  I am sure your mom wants you to be happy so do what you need to do.  :)
    Good luck!
  • I also wore my Mother's veil. She didn't even know I had kept it all these years, losing track of where it went after we moved in the late 1980's. When I told her I had it and planned to wear it she was shocked and thrilled. She didn't mind the fact that I removed it from the original headpiece and added embellishments to make it more modern. PIB under DIY and being worn under Portaits/Ceremony

    I would just talk with your Mom. I'm sure she's so excited that you are incorporating it into your wedding that she may not mind the fact you may have to make some changes to it.
    Best Wishes!!!!!
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  • Well, do you like how it looks? The juliet cap that is. If you like it, then no problem - just wear it the way it is unless, as pp said, it has severely yellowed.

    However, if you don't like it, then that's another ballgame. If you think your mom likes it the way it is and would be hurt if you had to take it off the cap, then don't. She probably doesn't think she can tell you not to alter it it because she feels it would hurt your feelings if you couldn't wear it. But, to me, it wouldn't be worth potentially hurting my mom's feelings, I would just buy another veil unless I wanted to wear it as it is now.
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