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Hi ladies I just wanted your thoughts on this I entered a contest a few days ago which was created by an event coordinator the rules were to upload a pic of you and your spouse who ever has the most likes win, well we won and the prize is a FREE DAY OF PACKAGE & DECOR PACKAGE i emailed her to claim my prize and she said it's 200 for travel expenses and to hold my date I dont understand travel expense bc she is in Jacksonville so I asked her how is it considered free if I'm giving 200 she said Its to pay her workers and to hold my date so there won't be any other event held on this day.....idk what do you ladies think?

Re: Free wedding contest

  • Would you have wanted to hire her anyways?  Is $200 still a good price for what you're getting, or would you find a better deal elsewhere?  There's nothing wrong with turning down a prize, but there's also nothing wrong with receiving a prize that's a discount.  It's kind of annoying that it was advertised as being an inclusive, free package, but it still sounds like it could be a good deal either way.
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  • well being that my Fi and I are on a very tight budget we thought it would have been awesome to enter to contest and got all our friends and family involve to help us win I figured any little thing would be benificial to us right now and yes the false advertisement is what urks me because the second place winner gets 50% off which is about 250 so I feel as if I really didnt win anything and on top of that we were saving our money to put deposits down on venue etc so it sucks that I got my hopes up
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