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Back as a OMH!!!

Hi ladies, I'm back as a married woman!!!

The wedding went beautifully without any (well many) glitches!!! It was amazing and I loved every second of it!!! I will post pictures as soon as I have them!

The ceremony was at a church and it was beautiful. My fiance (at the time) was so teary eyed when he saw me walking towards him. He's usually not an emotional guy but that day he was crying like the rest of us! It was so cute!!! He kept telling me throughout the mass how beautiful I looked and any nerves or worries I had just faded away! Laughing

The reception turned out amazing!!! The room looked beautiful and it was so nice to see all my hardwork pay off. We got so many compliments about it. There was only 1 small issue I can think of. There were supposed to be damask runners on every table but by the time the runners got there, the caterer had already set up the tables so only the big tables (head table, buffet table, sign in table) had them, but the room still looked beautiful!!!

The day went by so fast but I was relaxed and enjoying myself with my new husband (so weird saying that) and my family and friends. I can trully say I had a great time and enjoyed every second of it!!!

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Re: Back as a OMH!!!

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