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Total Value of Registries

I read a magazine article recently which profiled a couple whose registry totaled nearly $80,000 worth of gifts, which made me wonder what the total value of a more everyday wedding registry would be.  If you feel like helping quench my morbid curiosity, please post the total value of your registry or registries, i.e., the price of everything that you registered for added up, and the number of guests invited.
For example, my registries add up to $8327.71 and I'm inviting 190 guests.

Re: Total Value of Registries

  • hmmmmmmmmm....i never checked
  • Ive never checked, I know I have all price points up to $250 but didnt take the time out to every check or care lol
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  • I think mine was less than 5K.  
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  • Out of my own morbid curiousity (mixed with a very slow day at work), I added up everything on my registry, and I'm so embarrassed by the number that I'm just going to tell you it's in the 5 digits!

    If there's any way to defend that, we are inviting 320 people and I have some furniture on there that we plan on buying after the wedding with the completion discount. There are more under $50 gifts than anything else, but when you ask for multiple settings, it adds up! :-/
  • Out of boredom and morbid curiosity, mine comes in at a smidge under $4,000.

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  • I can not even begin to explain how embarrassed I am. I have two registries one at Macy’s and the other at BB&B. I spent a good amount of time adding my items up and before sales and specials it comes to nearly $20,000!!! We are having a large wedding and have 350 items on our registry. I had asked around recently to see if I need to cut down the amount of items and everyone said it was a good size but now adding everything up I can only cringe!!! Excuse while I do some major sliming…
  • $80,000!! Holy buckets! I have one at Macy's that is valued at about 10k. We are only registering there and a few other things somewhere else and we really want China. However, we are NOT expecting to get 10k worth of gifts at all. A registry is a wish list, not an expectation, but 80K is a little over the top.
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  • OK I was bored so I added it up mind you I noticed a few small things:

    8 napkins= $16 so really typically one gift or added with a gift we have 180 some invites going out, minus out about 20 being kids....a total of 176 items including small things we might add more but we are buying a new home right after the wedding so we are going to yard sale all our mismatched items lol

    176 items most expensive is $300 Kitchenaid mixer total comes to $6036
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  • Mine is a bit under $3000. We are having 120 guests.
  • hmm I actually don't know but the highest price I have on my registry was 239 I think and they are china plate settings. Then it goes down from there, heck I even have litte stuff for 4.99.
  • We've got stuff at all price points... like others with a morbid curiosity- I also just added it all up.  We're inviting 170, hoping for 130 and registered for $6,455.  I don't feel too bad.  But I also don't feel like I'm not asking for much!!
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    Keep in mind, some sites say you should ask for items numbering 2-3 times the number of people you're inviting, so if you're having 100 people, up to 300 items for multiples or to give people variety to choose from.  We're having 275 invitees, so I've had a hard time thinking of that many things we want, but I bet my list is up there in numbers.. I may just have to add it up and get back to you!

    Edit:  After adding, I'm wondering if maybe we registered for too many "big ticket" items.. We're in at just over $13k between the two registeries at BBB and Sears. It's no $80k though!
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  • I didn't add ours either, but it would probably be around $2K.  We invited 90 guests.  our registries were pretty small since we have a house already and I just couldn't justify putting stuff that was too expensive on there.  Our most expensive item was under $200.  I'm just one of those who was paranoid about appearing greedy. I'm glad our registry wasn't too big as we got mostly cash.  We used about $700 to buy what we wanted off our registry that we didn't get after the fact.

    We also used the rule of if we wouldn't save up to buy the item ourselves, then we didn't register for it.  So china made the cut (bc I really wanted it and it wasn't that expensive) but a lot of other things did not.
  • Curiosity got me started adding and was a little surprised that mine came up to just a tiny bit above 3k...however shuffling around in the military isn't conducive to retaining things so I don't feel that bad.
  • I'd guess between $5,000-$10,000 total. Mostly, it's because we've got around 500 on the guest list right now and I know I have to give people options, but there isn't enough on there yet. I just have no idea what else to add. I guess I'll play it by ear once the shower is over and the wedding gets closer. 
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