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Wedding Websites!!

Does anyone know of any really great *FREE* wedding websites? I'm not fond of the knot's wedding website. I would prefer a flash site. I have lots of photos & documents to upload (I'm a very thorough bride, haha).

So just curious, what websites are you all using? If anyone out there is paying for a great flash site, how much are you spending?

Thanks! :)
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Re: Wedding Websites!!

  • wix or weebly.

    Just remember if you use a flash site it can't be viewed on people's mobile devices. Flash sites are going out, and for a reason. They're a pain in the ass to view. I don't have the patience for badly designed flash sites. Most wix sites included.
  • If you want a template similar to TK but with a little more flexibility, WeddingWire.com is pretty good. It's what I use. I've also seen ourwedding.com, which is similar.
  • Weddingwire is where I am setting up our page.   I like the apps that they offer. It has an app for the registry, hotels, flights etc.  

    So far I am loving the site.
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