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3 months in

i just got engaged three months ago and already im stressed about every detail of a wedding( which isnt untill aug 2012). i had to give planning a break because it was like consuming my life. lol  I created a blog for women recently, (which has nothing to do with weddings) and its the only thing that clears my mind.  follow my blog http://divinestarlets.blogspot.com, maybe it will inspire you to make a blog and help you clear your mind from wedding planning like it helped me.

Re: 3 months in

  • Haha, I can see that happening to me and I'm only 2 weeks into my engagement!  I really need to take a deep breath and step back and remember what this is all about - marrying my best friend and having a great party to celebrate with friends and family.  Things will fall into place...

    Good luck with your blog (and the wedding stress) and I look forward to reading it!
  • I understand. My second day of engagement I was planning lol. I guess I was so excited but that excitement turned into stress. But I love my fiancé and wouldn't want it any other way.
  • @edielaura thanks for your advice.
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