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Fiance at Bridal Shower?

How many of you had or will have your fiance make an appearance at your bridal shower?  I have heard of some grooms opening gifts with the bride, and some that show up either in the very beginning or very end to say hi to everyone.  I don't want to bore my fiance by having him open gifts with me, but I was thinking he could come to the end of the shower, hang out with everyone for a little while, and then help me load gifts into my car.

What's normal: Fiance at shower or not?

Re: Fiance at Bridal Shower?

  • I definitely want him there, take the attention off of me for a bit! Plus we can do some games involving home which will be fun for the guests. He LOVES the attention anyways. More fun for both of us. Plus some of his cousins that I've never met might come and they may not feel comfortable without him there to introduce them, etc. Plus he's a chef and needs to cater my party!
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    Sorry, me again. I also want him there so that anyone who hasn't met him can meet him. Like my high school bff's, college bff's, etc. I think I've read somewhere that its a fun tradition to have him show up at the end of the shower. It's your shower, you make the rules.
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  • I don't believe that the FI should be present at the shower, hence...that is why it is called a "Bridal Shower"  So, there's my 2 cents on that ;)


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    My mother's friends have had a lot of comments on this issue while attending various showers in the past year or two.  Their overwhelming consensus was that the FI should come toward the end of the shower to say hello for a few minutes and help the bride load the gifts into the car, so that she is not doing the 'lifting' herself. 
    Probably extremely old-fashioned, but I'm not opposed to the idea.  I am curious to hear what everyone else thinks and is doing.

  • In my circle, the groom is always at this kind of shower. But, my area is pretty strange in that we have "household" showers: it's the same thing as what most people call bridal showers and groom is always there, usually handing presents to bride to open.

    Then, if someone has something called a "bridal shower," it's lingerie and robes and floofy slippers and such and the groom isn't there. These don't happen very often at all, as it upsets the older ladies in the community/family.

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  • Around here showers are women only. DH was happy to stay home.
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  • Mine is girls only. My fiance cringes at the idea of a co-ed shower...not his thing :)
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  • "If there'll be presents there to open, then I most certainly will be there!" -My FI
  • My fiance came at the very beginning to say hello (I think that helped his side feel more comfortable), and then went and hung out at my parents' house (which was nearby), then came back to help load stuff up. It worked well.

    Most showers I've been to, the fiance makes an appearance at the end. But I've been to some at restaurants where he was there the whole time, and the men in the family just went off and did their own thing while the shower was going on, until it was time to open presents. My family might be weird, though.
  • We are having a co-ed shower. We have been together for almost 4 years and we enjoy spending time together. I know showers are for the girls, but I'm not exactly a social butterfly and my MOH and Mom were set on it, so co-ed it is. I am working on co-ed games and this way the ladies can bring their guys with them as well. 
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