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Hy-Vee Catering?

Which Hy-Vee in the KC metro area is the best in service and food? Any suggestions? We have a rather large guest count and can't afford to drop $3000-$4000 on dinner. We have looked at Affordable Catering, Deco Catering, and a few others but, they have all been within the $3000-$4000 price range. We would really love to keep it under $3000.

Re: Hy-Vee Catering?

  • The only one I've personally dealt with is the one in Mission.  It wasn't for a wedidng, but another banquet event.  They had great service and I know when I talked to them for my wedding they offered a discount if you used them for multiple vendors...cake, flowers, food. 
  • Im in the same boat, but I have been out to the Hyvee in Gladstone and they offer tasting and alcohol services. Very friendly and the venue I'm going with highly recommends them. Happy wedding planning!
  • What kind of food are you looking to have at your reception? I'm getting married in August and when we met with our caterer, they were so wonderful, I offered to help do some marketing work for them. I'm sure if you have an idea of what you want Deb would be able to work you your guys budget. She has amazing ideas and she's definately not afraid to build a menu based on your price point.

    You should give them a call:
    Shining Stars Catering
    11920 NW Ambassador Drive
    KCMO 64153

    Or let me know and I can help you get in touch with Deb.

    They really are an amazing team to work with.
  • We're using the one in Mission as well.  Had a great experience at the tasting and they're giving us 5% off because we're also doing our cake there.  
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