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We met on Match.com

They say that when you meet the right person, you just know that they're "the one." When I first talked to Dave on the phone, I knew that there was something special about him. On Monday, June 14, Dave and I decided to take the day off together and just have a fun day. It was our 4 month anniversary, and we had plans. He had never been to Berkeley before, since he was still new to the Bay Area. So, we made plans to go to Telegraph and hang out. Before going to Telegraph, Dave insisted that we go to the Starbucks on Park St. where we had first met, and even said that we could get the same comfy chairs by the front window where we sat. Prior to entering the Starbucks, Dave handed me a blue bag and told me that i had to open it when we got there. Luckily our chairs by the window were open and we were able to sit there. Inside the blue bag was a note and a fortune cookie. The note said that he loves me a lot and that I'd have to carry the fortune cookie with me until he said that I could open it. Of course, I whined and wanted to open it now, but he wouldn't let me, lol. So, we went to Berkeley and walked around all over the place. We went shopping at Rasputin's and had a nice lunch at Blake's. We even walked around the UC Berkeley campus, which neither of us had done before. It was a lot of fun. When we got back to Alameda, we got massages and went bowling. (Dave kicked my butt both games!) Finally we went home... Eventually, when it was time, I was able to open the fotune cookie that read "Will you marry me?" in it. I was so excited! Dave had gone to get my Grandma Oding's wedding sets cleaned, and which I'm now proudly wearing . He'd gone to get my Dave had even gone to my parents' and asked them permission before he proposed. And, from what I heard, they really love him, so they gave their blessing. That evening, we celebrated with dinner at The Stinking Rose in San Francisco's North Beach, with pizza and a nice bottle of wine. I'm so excited to have found the person who I'm spending the rest of my life with. I love him so much. We've only just begun...

Re: We met on Match.com

  • That is a nice story.  You have been together only 4 months?  I usually want to caution people against jumping into things so serious as marriage, but you seem happy.  I think in this case a longer engagement is a good idea, so I'll give you points on waiting a year-ish.

    That ring is really pretty.  What kind of stones are those?
  • Congrats and welcome to the board.  You do seem really happy :)
  • Yes, it's been only 4 months, but we are soooooo happy. Match.com worked for us!
  • Hey! You skipped my question!  I want to know what stones those are!  I'm curious and they look pretty!

  • My fiance met on Match.com too!!  Awesome!!  Congrats to you both!  The ring is beautiful and looks so modern to be your great grandmothers!!
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  • Congrats! But umm...you just met 4 months ago. I see you have a long engagement though which is good.
  • No offense but I think everything seems perfect for every couple after only four months.  I hope you and your fi are the exception to most situations though!  Like PPs said I love your ring :)
  • First off, beautiful ring... But 4 months? Chris Rock said it best "the first three months of dating, you're dating that persons representative" lol...  I rarely hear of Match.com stories working out, all of my single gals that have tried Match say it's all about "hooking up," and that its quantity not quality. Looks like you're the exception to the rule, so with that being said... congrats.
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  • I've dated a lot of crap in my past...I just know he is it for me. I'm happy and he's happy, so it works. Plus, we're going on 5 months this month. I don't think that it matters if we met on Match or whatever...I know that he is it for me. My parents were engaged after one month of dating and they've been together for 30 YEARS this year...It doesn't matter how long you've been with someone. When you know it's right, it's right.
  • My FI and I had only been dating a month when we started talking about getting married. We really just knew! I could feel it.Though we didnt want to let everyone know, we knew we'd get the typical "you've only been dating for so many months"! So we waited and just got promise rings, which signified the engagement to only the two of us. Now we've been dating almost 3 years and just made the engagement official in June. I think when you know, you just know! Congrats!

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  • Same here ladies...I met FI on match, and we were talking marriage after the first month of dating.  He proposed to me a bit after the one year mark of our relationship, and our engagement is about a year and a half long.  When you find The One, you just know it!

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  • Agreed! We met online by accident and the proposal came 5 months into it. A year later we love each other more than ever. Congrats so much! Your ring is amazingly beautiful too. I enjoy stories like this.
  • We knew very early as well - so yes, when you know you just know. However, its still smart to have a long engagement when things progress so quickly.
  • My FI and I met on Match as well.  We have been together for 9 mo and just got engaged on the 4th of July!  We are thinking an Oct. 2011 wedding date.  When you know, you know.  Just because it is fast doesn't mean it is wrong!  The best of luck to you :)
  • Congrats! Jassoerose! That's so exciting. Thanks for agreeing with me...It doesn't matter how long you've known someone or whatever. When you know it's right, you just know. My parents dated each other for one month when they got engaged. They'll be hitting their 30 year anniversary this October! They just knew :)
  • congrats!  that is a gorgeous ring and a wonderful story.

    i for one say that following your heart is the way to go. who cares how long you've dated.  you're a grown up.

    best wishes!
  • My Fi and I met on Match as well. We talked about marriage early on in the relationship as well, now a year and a half in we are finally engaged! We talked for a few weeks online before our first date and even then it felt like we had a strong connection. Our first date was awesome and later Mat told me when he saw me get out of my car it was "love at first sight"! :) I absolutley believe you can just KNOW its the right person that early in a relationship, even though Mat and I had our hurdles to jump before we got to the "we know the time is right" stage. Good luck to you and your future hubby!
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