What do you have left to plan? Newly wed's advice...

Hey girls. Two weeks ago I was blessed with such a beautiful day for the wedding I always wanted. There was drama, stress, and lots of "oh my gosh" moments. But I made it through and am married now. I'm working on my vendor list, but let me know what you have left to plan and I would love to suggest places, vendors, people to contact, etc. I was engaged for two years, had a lot going on, and so I toured many venues, talked with many people. Let me know if I can offer advice on anything from bridesmaids to cake decor. After my wedding I vowed I would help others with their wedding by offering my advice on here if I can. I'm no way wanting to coordinate, which speaking of, I suggest getting one, we didn't have one, everything went fine though because my DJ was awesome and stuck to the timeline I made for the day. Hope I can help. was the biggest help for me! Good luck planning. 

Re: What do you have left to plan? Newly wed's advice...

  • Hi,

    Would you mind telling me who your DJ was, how long he/she played and the cost? Also, not that you would know this but does he know any Arab music? My fiance is Moroccan and I am American. We were thinking about having a mix of music for our ceremony.


  • Our DJ was awesome, we met him a year ago. He keeps everything together as per timeline of things you want to happen and really keeps your wedding stressfree. His name is Lou LaPointe. Not sure if I can post his website link on here or not. But the company name is Amazing Sounds and Entertainment. He's awesome! Tell him Amanda referred you and he'll give you a great rate. Any other DJ i've seen is unorganized and doesn't help at all. Lou keeps everything goins smoothly,personalizes things, etc. We love him! 
  • Your DJ has great reviews. We will have to check him out also! Thank you for sharing!
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