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Michigan-Grand Rapids

Battle Creek Reception Venues for Fall Wedding??

I live in Battle Creek and feel like I've looked at a million sites already and just haven't found one that is elegent as well as reasonably priced....help? please

Re: Battle Creek Reception Venues for Fall Wedding??

  • t4germt4germ member
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    What resturant? and how many does it hold? We are looking at about 150 people

  • SnippylynnSnippylynn member
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    Oh man.  The BC is sooo tough.  It's kind of um.  Well, I won't use the phrase I normally use to tell people about BC. 

    Can you look outside of that area?  If you haven't found something you like, you probably just won't.  I mean, you have to make a couple of compromises if you want elegance.  You have to be willing to pay for it.  Maybe you can make up the extra budget that you need by cutting in other areas?
  • ajk47ajk47 member
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    Have you tried southern exposure in marshall?
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    We're getting married at Southern Exposure next summer! It is gorgeous! It's not the cheapest place out there, but it's worth making a visit.
  • t4germt4germ member
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    I have looked at Southern Exposure, its a beautiful location but not really what we are looking for.  I would like an indoor reception that can hold at least 150. 

    And Bravo is an amazing resturant, I am sure you will love it there!

    I am actually looking at Bedford Valley now, has anyone heard anything positive or negitive about it?

  • I would love to know what you decided on. We've just started planning a Battle Creek/Kalamazoo area wedding for Fall '13 and I'm coming up short in this area as well.
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