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Second Weddings

Older bride (48)

What is appropriate for an older bride gown-wise.  I eloped for my first marriage so there was no wedding and no honey-moon and definitely no wedding gown.  I would like to have a wedding this time, small but nice.  I'm not a young chick anymore and most wedding gowns are made for younger brides.  What to do?  I am a very conservative person so I don't really like all the elaborate details.  Is there a place online to look for more conservative 2nd wedding gowns? 

Re: Older bride (48)

  • Before I chose my wedding dress, I considered quite a few bridesmaid dresses and MOB gowns. I ran into a number of styles I really preferred, and still found most of them strapless or with spaghetti straps. Luckily - there are a number of jacket and shawl options, too! I would also suggest allowing yourself to try on a bridal gown or two. You might surprise yourself with what you find you are comfortable in, and feel attractive in.
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  • Anything you want. I remarried at 48 and wore an ivory dress, from a special occasions section of a shop. Lots of other brides wear white full on bridal gowns, its up to you, your style, and the style of wedding and reception you will have.
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  • Remarried @ 44, wore a full on bridal gown.  I even perused Bride magazines & online catalogs, and found what I thought I wanted.  When I tried it on, I didn't buy it- but the bridal consultant brought out "the one" which was similar.  ~Donna
  • I wore a white gown, not from a vendor I would recommend though.  I was 48 at the time.

  • Welcome tinaml22.

    I got married last August at 56. I made a ceremony dress (see pic below in my signature), and had a lace jacket to wear over it.

    For the reception I wore a halter style dress that I got at a sample sale at a local bridal salon. It was full length, but I had the salon cut it to what they called "opera length", which was also called a "hi-low", tea length in the front, and longer in back.

    The dress "style" is called a destination dress, meaning it's a bit more casual that a formal gown.

    Pic below from our reception:

    What you wear is whatever makes you feel great. Don't worry about people judging you, everyone has an opinion, and only the vision you and your fiance have matters.

    Good luck. Looking foward to hearing your plans.
  • What's appropriate?  I'd say something that covers more of your boobs than it reveals.  LOL!

    I was 50 when I married, for the second time, last year.  I wore an off-the-rack evening dress from Nordstrom (dusk, tiered, flowing).  The color choice was all about being an anti-traditional bridal gown kind of gal, nothing to do with it being my second wedding.  The dress for my first wedding was a light pink, floor length number.

    What makes you feel beautiful?  What makes you feel hot?  What makes you feel sexy?  Create that list and start shopping. 

    Good luck!
  • Having just dropped some clothes off at a consignment shop- I would agree that it is a great place to check out.  There were some gorgeous gowns there- for a few hundred dollars.
  • I'm 47 and getting married for the second time on the 16th.  I didn't think I'd get a traditional bridal gown but after trying on various dresses I ended up with the dress below (but in ivory and I had the train shortened). It is completely opposite of what I thought I'd be wearing.  Keep an open mind and buy the dress that makes you feel fantastic.

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  • I was 51 when I got married for the 2nd time in August.  I did not want to wear white, I would have worn Ivory if I found the right dress, but the bridal gowns I saw were just too "Bridey" fr me.  I wanted to wear a pastel lilac and couldn't find anything like that.  I tried on numerous MOB dresses and finally found one that just felt right to me.  It is silver.   Here is a picture.
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  • I was 56 when I married for the second time.  I wore a full-on ivory bridal gown, a veil with a blusher, opera gloves, and pearls.  If that's what you want, you can wear it regardless of your age.

    On the other hand, the validity of your marriage will not depend on the garments you wear.  So if you want to wear something else--e.g., a bridesmaid's dress, an evening dress, a daytime dress, a sundress, or pants--go for it!  It need not be white, if you're not fond of that color.  Just think of what you'd normally wear for an occasion of similar formality, and go from there.

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