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Great Neck Photographers review

We used Great Neck Photographers (they were recommended throught our hall)..We got married in October of 2009.  I JUST got my pictures back today and they are horrible. 
We originally met with a woman who told us she was our photographer and showed us "her" pictures..we liked her and we liked the pictures but the day of the wedding they sent 2 men who we never met before.  The owner/photographer was absolutely terrible and was rude to everyone that day.. He also ruined my wedding dress before the ceremony even took place, and he yelled at me for getting mad at him for ruining my dress!  Even though we repeatedly told him we didn't want to take pictures in a certain area because it was muddy, he proceeded to pull me over and then drop my train in a puddle of mud.  He never apologized and actually left before the ceremony took place and sent a third guy to replace him.. The new photographer was nicer, but there are about 30 pictures of him taking pictures of himself with my family!
 We have 790 pictures that we got back and only 2 of them are pictures of the 2 of us, and one of those has our videographer in the background.. The pictures are all off center, they used really bright flaches so everything looks like its the middle of the day even though we had paid for extra lighting to make the pictures look better.   There are more pictures of our parents friends then there are of us and our family and friends.  I am so disappointed, we had such a horrible experience with them.  We don't have enough pictures to put in the albums we ordered from him.  We paid $2750..and it was like flushing money down the toilet.. DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!

Re: Great Neck Photographers review

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    Oh I'm so sorry, that's terrible. I hope you let your hall know since they recommended them.
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